10 Print Marketing Materials For Promoting Your New App

June 25, 2014
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If you’ve just launched or are preparing to launch a new app, you know competition is stiff so you have to invest in a strategic marketing campaign to get noticed and attract the thousands of users you’ll need for your app to be profitable. Many app developers rely on digital marketing alone for app promotion; however, augmenting your digital marketing efforts with print marketing can pay huge dividends. When you promote your new app with print marketing, you can:

  • take advantage of the fact that there are fewer competitors, so you can reach your target audience faster and cheaper
  • engage your customers one-on-one with direct-mail postcards and other marketing tools
  • highly target your marketing to only reach those likely to download you app, thus making your overall marketing more efficient and boosting your return on investment
  • employ QR codes so customers can immediately download your app

Print marketing delivers several benefits that can’t be matched by digital marketing, including giving customers real, tangible marketing materials they can touch and feel – which lends credibility to your app and can even help create desire and motivate purchases. Understanding the value of print marketing for app promotion is one thing; understanding how to utilize print marketing to achieve maximum app downloads is another. Thus, the following lists 10 print marketing materials for promoting your app.

10 print marketing materials for promoting your app

Develop a marketing plan that includes the following print marketing materials can help boost your app download numbers and, ultimately, profits, whether you make money via ad views or direct-purchase app downloads.

1.  Postcards

Direct-mail postcards might be the perfect app marketing tools because they allow you to use well-targeted mailing lists to efficiently deliver your app announcement only to likely users. They’re also tangible, so they can be held, inspected and scanned with smartphones; and they don’t even have to be opened to begin delivering your pitch. Finally, postcards are cheap to print and mail, which reduces your investment yet increases your return.

2.  Business cards

You know you should make sure everyone you meet has your business card; thus, you can promote your app on the back. Another great way to use business cards is to place them on counter tops at stores your target customers visit. Because they’re so cheap, you can distribute thousands of business cards fast and easy.

3.  Table tents

Does your app have to do with restaurants, food, drink mixes or a related theme? Work out a deal with popular restaurants in which you pay for table tent printing – one side is their ad, the other side promotes your app – and they place the table tents on their tables.

4.  Vinyl banners

If you want to make sure thousands of people are exposed to your app, a large-format vinyl banner printed and placed near busy intersections and other high-traffic areas can get the job done fast, easy and cheap.

5.  Hang tags

If you already have a retail store and you want to promote your app to current customers, print hang tags and place them on every retail item you sell.

6.  Stickers

There’s no limit to the places you can affix stickers to help market your new app. Get creative: restroom stalls, mirrors, doors, windows, ceilings, stairwells, and other unexpected areas can help promote your app for cheap.

7.  Posters and flyers

Another great way to market to the masses is to distribute posters and flyers in areas your target audience is known to frequent. Posters and flyers are cheap to print and distribute, with a strategic approach (and perhaps a QR code or two) they’ll motivate customers to download your new app.


If your app has to do with reading, bookmarks might be a great way to get it in front of your target audience: people who read, and therefore find value in bookmarks.

9.  Newsletters

If you send a monthly or quarterly newsletter to customers, it’s a natural marketing tool for promoting your new app. Because you’re afforded greater space, you can tell the story of your app and reveal its biggest benefits in a manner that’s relevant and even exciting to your customers.

10.  Brochures

Brochures can be sent via direct-mail or they can be placed in prominent areas your target audience is likely to find them. They can also be used as leave-behinds after sales calls. Either way, your brochures can cover your app benefits in-depth, show customers how to use them, and even use QR codes to make downloads almost instantaneous.

Get creative with your app promotion by using print marketing to get the word out to customers in ways your competitors are missing, and you can own the market. What other print marketing materials can you use to promote your new app?

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