15 U.S. Presidents, Captured In Quirky Design

October 22, 2012

Isn’t funny how most Americans have reverence for our Founding Fathers yet our modern leaders are often ridiculed?  It makes me wonder if it’s because similar criticisms of the nation’s first leaders have been lost to history, simply ignored, or if today’s media and digital connectivity has just made it easier for critics to make their voices heard.  Surely our forefathers had their critics.  In November 2012, America has yet another critical decision to make:  Romney or Obama?  Or maybe Gary Johnson?  No matter your political allegiance, you undoubtedly agree that presidential history is fascinating:  triumphs, defeats, assassinations, cloak and dagger-types, playboys, and even ghosts have been associated with the office of the leader of the free world.  I’ve gathered 15 designs featuring U.S. presidents, each with a story behind the artwork – and a few somewhat off-kilt.  Enjoy!

1.  George Washington with Style by kazenokibou

An illustration of Washington before he was president, crossing the Delaware River to launch a surprise attack during the Revolutionary War.  Washington brought his troops, artillery, supplies, and horses across the icy and dangerous river not once, not twice, but three times that winter. George Washington with Style by ~kazenokibou on deviantART - Google Chrome_2012-10-23_09-36-27  

2.  Abe Lincoln by SiggieDude

The president who presided over the Civil War left lasting contributions to America.  This portrait is comprised of the words from one of Abraham Lincoln’s famous quotes:  “In the end it’s  not the years in your life that counts, it’s the life in your years.” Abe Lincoln Black and White by ~SiggieDude on deviantART - Google Chrome_2012-10-23_09-55-23  

3.  Roosevelt the Raptor Rider by cat-gray-and-me78

Theodore Roosevelt was well-known as a tough man who could more than hold his own on the frontier.  His exploits included run-ins with some of the States’ most brutal wild animals, including bears, and, apparently, velociraptors. Roosevelt the Raptor Rider by ~cat-gray-and-me78 on deviantART - Google Chrome_2012-10-23_10-10-00  

4.  Battle of New Orleans by Lord Cavendish

Before he was president, Andrew Jackson lead troops in a decisive victory over the British at New Orleans.  His toughness on the battlefield earned him the nickname “Old Hickory,” since he was said to be as tough as old hickory wood. Battle of New Orleans I by ~LordCavendish on deviantART - Google Chrome_2012-10-23_10-19-30  

5.  American Coup by Micah J Gunnell

This sketch of President John F. Kennedy with his First Lady is a commentary that speaks out against those responsible for his assassination. American Coup by MicahJGunnell on deviantART - Google Chrome_2012-10-23_10-51-50  

6.  Ulysses D Droid by SomniCelestia

When Lincoln sought a general to face Robert E. Lee in the Civil War, he knew how to tip the odds in his favor.  Grant, of course, went on to become president himself. Ulysses S. Droid by ~SomniCelestia on deviantART - Google Chrome_2012-10-23_10-55-44  

7.  Presidents Again by Pedantia

Grover Cleveland was the only president elected to non-consecutive terms, split by Benjamin Harrison. Presidents again by Pedantia on deviantART - Google Chrome_2012-10-23_10-58-50  

8.  William McKinley by MRDeZign

McKinley was known for promoting American industry and maintaining the gold standard, but was assassinated in 1901. William McKinley MRDeZign by ~MRDeZign on deviantART - Google Chrome_2012-10-23_11-02-41  

9.  Golden Age Heroes by craigcermak

Our longest-serving president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, always knew how to recruit the best people. Golden Age Heroes by craigcermak on deviantART - Google Chrome_2012-10-23_11-13-21  

10.  Harry Truman by mattdillworth

Truman remains a highly controversial president, probably best known today for allowing the use of atomic warfare in World War II.  Odd fact:  Truman left office with one of the lowest approval ratings in history (22 percent), yet has never been ranked lower than 9th in polls ranking the U.S. presidents. Harry Truman by ~mattdilworth on deviantART - Google Chrome_2012-10-23_11-17-54  

11.  Eisenhower Portrait by xybciba

Dwight D. Eisenhower, a five-star general, remains a symbol of American military dominance for his role in engineering the successful invasions of France and Germany in World War II. Eisenhower Portrait by ~xybciba on deviantART - Google Chrome_2012-10-23_11-22-52  

12.  Richard Nixon’s Head by Tydanubus

President Nixon might have resigned, but “Futurama” fans know he will one day return, sans body, to rule as President of Earth Richard Nixon's Head by ~Tydanubus on deviantART - Google Chrome_2012-10-23_11-31-31.

13.  Ronald Reagan Riding A Velociraptor by SharpWriter

I don’t know what dinosaurs have to do with presidents, but apparently some of the greatest presidents in history enjoy riding them into battle.  Reagan, of course, rode his dino-steed into political battle, taking on Mikhail Gorbachev and Communism. Ronald Reagan Riding a Velociraptor by SharpWriter on deviantART - Google Chrom_2012-10-23_11-32-53  

14.  Dayz of Our Lives by tomfluharty

The U.S. generally prospered during Bill Clinton’s two-term presidency, but Oval Office shenanigans made the president a perfect punch line for comedians nationwide. Dayz of our Lives by ~tomfluharty on deviantART - Google Chrome_2012-10-23_11-37-12  

15.  Thomas Jefferson VS Gorilla by SharpWriter

After the Revolutionary War, Jefferson continued his mission to spread democracy among the silverbacks. Thomas Jefferson Vs Gorilla by SharpWriter on deviantART - Google Chrome_2012-10-23_11-41-25

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