Let's Get Together: 25 Print Product Matches

September 14, 2014

What would peanut butter be without jelly? Abbott without Costello? Harley without Davidson? Just like foods, famous entertainers and brands, some print products go hand-in-hand; perfect matches for gifts, events or simply personal purchases. For your inspiration, here are 25 cool print product matches.

1.  Wine labels and matching coasters

If you bottle your own wine, you probably print your own personalized bottle labels. Increase your profits or simply offer a customer perk by printing matching coasters.

2.  Holiday greeting cards and matching labels

Get in the holiday spirit with matching sets of greeting cards and mailing labels featuring your custom design.

3.  Matching stationery and envelope sets

Letterhead and notepads can share matching designs with envelopes for personalized correspondence. cupcake stationery! Flickr - Photo Sharing! - Google Chrome_2014-09-04_08-27-30-Optimized

Photo credit Jelene Morris via Flickr Creative Commons license

4.  Matching notepads and pens

Print notepads and send your design to a promotional pen company to manufacture matching pens, perfect for branding or personalization.

5.  Bookmarks and book covers

Give students cool matching bookmark/book cover sets so they can save their textbooks and their places in them.

6.  Mouse pad and notepad sets

Both mouse pads and notepads are at home by the computer; you can print matching sets for personalization or branding purposes.

7.  Birthday cards and gift tags

Print custom birthday cards and matching gift tags or stickers for a coordinated look to your gift-giving this year. Birthday Card Flickr - Photo Sharing! - Google Chrome_2014-09-04_08-28-28-Optimized

Photo credit Qi-Guang Chew via Flickr Creative Commons license

8.  Matching notepads and address books

Print custom notepads that match the style and cover designs of your address books – perfect branded gifts for clients or personalized holiday gifts.

9.  Coasters and matchbooks

Accent your bar, den, or man cave with matching coasters and matchbooks.

10.  CD/DVD labels and sleeves

A no-brainer for independent musicians and filmmakers.

11.  Calendars and notepads

Print calendars along with matching notepads to give as branded or personalized gifts during the holiday season.

12.  Recipe booklets with magnets

Print recipe booklets with matching refrigerator magnets that list common kitchen measurement conversions.

13.  Athletic programs and magnets

Print athletic programs for individual events and include matching magnets with annual sports team schedules.

14.  Day planner and calendar sets

What goes better with a branded or personalized calendar than a matching day planner?

15.  Envelopes and envelope seals

Print envelopes for branded communications, weddings, and other special events and close them with matching envelope seals. Sealed with Love Flickr - Photo Sharing! - Google Chrome_2014-09-04_08-29-14-Optimized

Photo credit Susy Morris via Flickr Creative Commons license

16.  Party invitations and thank-you card sets

Design your invitation and thank-you cards to match for a coordinated appeal. Perfect for weddings!

17.  Wedding invitations and save-the-date magnets

Enclose matching save-the-date magnets with wedding invitations so your guests don’t forget your special day.

18.  Political campaign bumper stickers and banners

Maintain a cohesive message by printing matching political campaign bumper stickers and banners. Bumper sticker spotted on walk to car Flickr - Photo Sharing! - Google Chrome_2014-09-04_08-30-34-Optimized

Photo credit Alex And Rachel Johnson via Flickr Creative Commons license

19.  Coasters and cocktail napkins

Brand your bar, brewery or restaurant with matching sets of coasters and cocktail napkins.

20.  Marketing banners, posters and flyers

Be consistent with your marketing to reinforce repetition by printing matching banners, posters and flyers.

21.  Identity kits

Business cards, letterhead, envelopes, seals, mailing labels, sales sheets, brochures and pocket folders can all share design motifs for a custom brand identity. Corporate Identity Kit Flickr - Photo Sharing! - Google Chrome_2014-09-04_08-31-32-Optimized

Photo credit VFS Digital Design via Flickr Creative Commons license

22.  Laptop and smartphone skins

Print matching sticker skins to give your laptop and smartphone matching designs. Perfect for branding purposes or just for fun.

23.  Wall decals and banners

Use banners to promote a special sale outside your retail location, and matching wall decals to help customers find the product in question once they enter your shop.

24.  Event programs and tickets

Print matching event program booklets and event tickets for a unified appeal that will look great in commemorative display cases. Salt Lake Bees v Tacoma Rainiers Flickr - Photo Sharing! - Google Chrome_2014-09-04_08-32-29-Optimized

Photo credit Silus Grok via Flickr Creative Commons license

25.  Menus and table tents

Maintain your restaurant’s brand image with a cohesive design applied to matching menus and table tents. What cool print product matches can you think of? Share them with us in the comments!

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