25 Spring Festival Marketing Tips

March 29, 2015

Hosting a spring festival for your community, to raise funds for your non-profit organization, or to promote your business? You need a powerful marketing campaign to ensure your event’s success. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to generate an excellent crowd when you take advantage of the following 25 spring festival marketing tips.

1.  Print vinyl banners

Vinyl banners strategically placed near busy intersections can put your spring festival in front of the masses. Banners are cheap to print, even at large sizes, and with a great design and large, bold text they can be next to impossible to ignore.

2.  Mail invitations

Send invitations to a targeted mailing list to add a personal touch to your marketing. You can use invitations to make your festival seem more exclusive and even offer VIP benefits, such as buy-one-get-one-free tickets or a special incentive at the event.

3.  Distribute posters

Posters are staple marketing tools for spring festivals; place your posters in outdoor areas, on community bulletin boards, and at grocery stores, restaurants, clubs, and anywhere else your audience will see them.

4.  Print flyers

Like posters, flyers can be strategically placed in a variety of locations to attract attention; plus, flyers are cheaper to print so you can blanket your community without breaking the bank.

5.  Routinely post on social media

Post interesting and engaging festival updates on social media – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. – and get fans involved with polls, contests, and giveaways. Make your social media presence fun and entertaining to maximize your online reach.

6.  Launch a website

Speaking of online reach, be sure to build a great website that works to promote your spring festival and serves as a hub for all event information. Include a blog and consistently update it with relevant, useful, and entertaining information that generates interest for your spring festival.

7.  Print stickers

Stickers featuring your event’s logo, name, date, and website (or interactive QR code for mobile devices) can be placed almost anywhere, allowing you to promote your spring festival in unique, unusual, and attention-getting areas.

8.  Find local ticket sales partners

Print tickets and ask local retailers, grocers, and other partners to sell them for you. Offer a free sponsorship at your festival or a cut of each ticket sale in return.

9.  Distribute a schedule of events brochure

Print a brochure that works to market your spring festival and features a schedule of events, then place your brochures on counters and other places your audience will see them. Make sure your brochure design is attention-getting and motivates people to take your brochures with them. You can also send your brochure to a targeted direct-mail list.

10.  Boost Facebook ads

Targeted Facebook post boosts can help you reach a large audience for cheap.

11.  Hold contests prior to the event

Photo contests, sweepstakes, essay contests, and unique contests relevant to your festival can intrigue the public, promote your event, and lend good PR.

12.  Get media involved early and often

Reach out to local media members to see how they might get involved in your spring festival. News coverage, reduced advertising fees, and direct participation can make it easier to market your festival.

13.  Market to niche groups

Define niche groups that might have an interest in attending your spring festival, then identify ways to include them. Finally, send marketing materials specifically designed to attract that group. For example, your spring festival might include an arts show; you can market the arts show to local artists, art groups, and art admirers.

14.  Develop marketing partner sponsorships

You can develop partnerships with sponsors to help cover the cost of marketing; at the same time, you can trade sponsorships and other incentives for free marketing, advertising, and marketing services. If you need a website, for example, you might be able to arrange a deal in which a local website designer agrees to create your site for free in return for sponsorship.

15.  Product partner promotions

Make a list of products that are routinely purchased and go hand-in-hand with your spring festival. For example, you might work out a deal with a local grocery store that allows you to place hang tags on certain beverages.

16.  Donate to a cause

Donate a portion of each ticket sale to a local cause; not only is this a great way to give back, it’s a good PR move that can lend more publicity and the cause you’re donating to will help actively market your spring festival.

17.  Print business cards and leave them everywhere

Print business cards featuring event highlights and leave them everywhere you go. Business cards are cheap to print, and you can leave stacks of them for people to grab.

18.  Don’t forget postcard marketing

Direct-mail postcard marketing is one of the most effective – not to mention cost-effective – strategies you can employ. Print attention-getting postcards to send to a targeted mailing list and offer an incentive for attending your event with the postcard in-hand so you can measure results.

19.  Send emails often

Use your website and social media profiles to encourage visitors to subscribe to your email newsletter, then send at least one newsletter with an event update, interesting news, entertaining story, contest, or other engaging content every week leading up to your event.

20.  Place window clings locally

Window clings are cheap to print and can be placed at local gas stations, grocery stores, retailers, and other oft-visited locations to promote your event.

21.  Advertise

Advertise online, on TV and radio, and in local newspapers and magazines. Target your advertising to your festival audience. If you’re a non-profit, you might qualify for reduced ad rates. You can also work with local stations and publishers to find a way to reduce your advertising fees in return for sponsorships or other festival participation.

22.  Go big with billboards

Billboards are expensive, but if you expect to attract thousands of people to your event strategically placed billboard advertising can be a good investment.

23.  Create unique outdoor marketing displays

Command attention for your event with unique outdoor marketing displays. A huge inflatable bunny coupled with a banner could promote a spring festival, for example; be sure to make your displays relevant and unusual so they’re effective and memorable.

24.  Engage in vehicle marketing

Bumper stickers are good, car door magnets are better – recruit a few dozen people to place magnets on their vehicles in the weeks preceding your event. If you have a unique vehicle to employ, even better – think “bunnymobile.”

25.  Deploy a “street team”

Recruit employees or volunteers to take to the streets in busy shopping districts. They can offer amusing demonstrations or entertainment, hand out club card flyers promoting your event, and give away stickers to help drum up interest for your spring festival. What’s your favorite spring festival marketing idea? Let us know in the comments.

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