30 Amazing Cornfield Maze Designs

October 30, 2012

When we consider design mediums, most often our minds imagine posters, brochures, websites and architecture.  All of these take skill, talent and hard work to craft masterful design; but they’re not the only examples of great design.  Every October, thousands of cornfields across the U.S. are transformed into intricate mazes, and it all begins with design. Cornfield maze design bears distinct challenges. First, the designer has to create a design within the constraints of the cornfield layout and the limitations of the machinery used to implement the design. Second, they must create a series of interconnecting paths, some with dead ends, some not, in an interesting manner to keep cornfield maze customers busy and entertained. Finally, the most masterful cornfield maze designers are able to include these features within a design that actually makes a picture, distinguishable only from a raised platform or plane (or Google Earth!). Cornfield maze design isn’t simply drawing a picture: It requires a strategic approach to ensure the design can be implemented and that the overall purpose of the cornfield is maintained throughout.  That’s why the best cornfield mazes represent incredible design artwork and engineering.  To salute cornfield maze designers as unsung heroes of the design world, I’ve listed 30 amazing cornfield maze designs here.

1.  Peebles Farm

corn-maze-2012.jpg (535×428) - Google Chrome_2012-10-25_08-57-04  

2.  Barnyard Blooms

www.barnyardbloomsonline.comimagesMaze2012.jpg - Google Chrome_2012-10-25_08-58-47  

3. Kilby Cream

Kilby Cream - Home Milk Delivery and Ice Cream in Maryland Corn Maze - Google_2012-10-25_09-00-25  

4.  Leaders Farm

Glass City Jungle » Blog Archive » Leaders farm Corn Maze… - Google Chrome_2012-10-25_09-15-57  

5.  Glendale’s Haunted Maze

haunted-corn-maze.jpg (189×360) - Google Chrome_2012-10-25_09-16-53  

6.  Skull Maze

Corn Maze Directory for 2012 - Google Chrome_2012-10-25_09-18-24  

7.  Kelley Farms

Coach Cal offers sneak peek of corn maze celebrating UK’s 8th national champions_2012-10-25_09-19-09  

8.  Star Wars Corn Maze

The MAiZE Brett Herbst Creates Incredibly Elaborate Corn Mazes Using GPS Techno_2012-10-25_09-19-56  

9.  Go Broncos Corn Maze

MyWMU - Don't Miss This Bronco Maze! - Google Chrome_2012-10-25_09-20-37  

10.  Labyrinth Corn Maze

Amazing mazes Ken Nelson - Google Chrome_2012-10-25_09-21-23  

11.  Grandma Shyrock Corn Maze

Corn maze theme surprises ‘Grandma Shryock’ News Tribune - Google Chrome_2012-10-25_09-22-16  

12.  Technology Corn Maze

Maze Treinen Farm Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch - Google Chrome_2012-10-25_09-23-11  

13.  Liberty Mills Farm Corn Maze

somerset-maze.jpg (427×640) - Google Chrome_2012-10-25_09-24-14  

14.  Siegel’s Cotton Farm Maze

2012_maze_mock_up.jpeg (420×316) - Google Chrome_2012-10-25_09-25-39  

15.  QR Code Corn Maze

Visualized World's largest QR code is a Canadian maize maze - Engadget - Google_2012-10-25_09-26-44  

16.  Atlanta Motor Speedway Maze

AMSSouthernBelleMaze.jpg (665×506) - Google Chrome_2012-10-25_09-28-46  

17.  Indiana Pacers Corn Maze

Get lost The Valley Breeze - Google Chrome_2012-10-25_09-29-40  

18.  NASA Corn Maze

7 Incredible NASA Corn Mazes Cool Crop Circles for Science - Google Chrome_2012-10-25_09-30-26  

19.  Witches of Salem Corn Maze

Corn Maze North Shore Kid and Family Fun in Massachusetts for North Shore Chil_2012-10-25_09-31-11  

20.  Girl Scouts Corn Maze

Giant Corn Maze and Night Maze at DeBuck's Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch in Bellevil_2012-10-25_09-31-51  

21.  Space Rocket Corn Maze

NASA-Themed Corn Mazes Create 7 'Space Farms' (PHOTOS) - Google Chrome_2012-10-25_09-32-30  

22.  Comets Corn Maze

Get Lost! 5 Creative Mazes from Around the World - Entertainment Designer - Goog_2012-10-25_09-33-21  

23.  Warhol Corn Maze

Corn Mazes - Google Chrome_2012-10-25_09-40-08  

24.  Purdue Boilermaker Maze

The Design for the Boiler Mazer! - A Corn Field Maze (Purdue University) - Googl_2012-10-25_09-40-57  

25.  Farm Food Corn Maze

Lattin Farms Fall Festival & Corn Maze October 5, 2012 - Google Chrome_2012-10-25_09-41-40  

26.  Pirate Corn Maze

AWESOME Corn Maze Election 2008 « The Dainty Knife - Google Chrome_2012-10-25_09-42-26  

27.  Yankees/Red Sox Corn Maze

Lyman Orchards a fall family getaway - Connecticut Post - Google Chrome_2012-10-25_09-43-13  

28.  Guitar Corn Maze

awesome-corn-mazes-34 theCHIVE - Google Chrome_2012-10-25_09-44-00  

29.  Land of the Free Corn Maze

Google Image Result for httpsummersfarm.comwp-contentuploads201109Patrio_2012-10-25_09-44-40  

30.  Pirate and Indian Corn Maze

Google Image Result for httpwww.timeforkids.comfiles121323_maze_pirate-devr_2012-10-25_09-45-43

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