30 Popcorn Packaging Designs

January 17, 2013

Did you know January 19 is National Popcorn Day?  Humans have had a long time to experiment with popping corn – since around 4,700 B.C., it is believed – and as such, popcorn is available in hundreds if not thousands of varieties.  Accordingly, there seems to be as many different ways to package popcorn as there are to eat it.  Case in point:  the following 30 popcorn packaging designs.

1.  479 Popcorn

479_1.jpg (538×368) - Google Chrome_2013-01-10_22-46-20


2.  Joe and Seph’s Popcorn

joe1.jpg (538×487) - Google Chrome_2013-01-10_22-47-04


3.  Pipcorn

lovely-package-pipcorn1.jpg (1035×700) - Google Chrome_2013-01-10_22-47-43


4.  Crave Canyon

lovely-package-crave-canyon1.jpg (772×550) - Google Chrome_2013-01-10_22-48-20


5.  Dale and Thomas

Dale & Thomas Popcorn - The Dieline - - Google Chrome_2013-01-10_22-49-02


6.  Smart Food

Smartfood Popcorn Clusters - The Dieline - - Google Chrome_2013-01-10_22-49-39


7.  Popcorn Palace

Before & After Popcorn Palace - The Dieline - - Google Chrome_2013-01-10_22-50-10


8.  Peter Popples Popcorn

Peter Popple’s Popcorn - The Dieline - - Google Chrome_2013-01-10_22-50-44


9.  Quinn Popcorn

Quinn Popcorn - The Dieline - - Google Chrome_2013-01-10_22-51-27


10.  Butterkist

Before & After Butterkist Popcorn - The Dieline - - Google Chrome_2013-01-10_22-52-01


11.  Cobs Popcorn

Cobs Popcorn - The Dieline - - Google Chrome_2013-01-10_22-52-33


12.  We Love Popcorn

We Love Popcorn - The Dieline - - Google Chrome_2013-01-10_22-53-12


13.  Popcorners

popcorners-six-flavors.jpg (717×250) - Google Chrome_2013-01-10_22-53-45


14.  Popcorn, Indiana

bag_w_popcorn_cinsugar2011.jpg (400×400) - Google Chrome_2013-01-10_22-54-21


15.  The Dirty Apron

177329304048486364_sucmiNob_c.jpg (538×462) - Google Chrome_2013-01-10_22-55-02


16.  Gourmet Gift Baskets

Popcorn-Gift-Basket-Stack.jpg (450×450) - Google Chrome_2013-01-11_06-53-55


17.  Tabasco Popcorn

TabascoPopcorn.gif (450×580) - Google Chrome_2013-01-11_06-54-35


18.  Trail’s End

ButterBox-LG.png (599×419) - Google Chrome_2013-01-11_06-55-09


19.  BonLife

Microwave_Popcorn_With_Butter.jpg (281×485) - Google Chrome_2013-01-11_06-55-43


20.  Natural American Popcorn

Gourmet Popcorn Variety 3-Pack (45oz per pack) Amazon.com Grocery & Gourmet Fo_2013-01-11_06-56-22


21.  Bacon Pop

cf26_bacon_popcorn.jpg (400×363) - Google Chrome_2013-01-11_06-57-06


22.  Smart Food

PACKAGE-SMARTFOOD POPCORN-SURAPINE.jpg (1200×1800) - Google Chrome_2013-01-11_06-57-37


23.  Whirley Pop

Wabash Valley Farms Amish Country Gourmet Popping Corn, Flavorful Medley, 6-Poun_2013-01-11_06-58-48


24.  Popcornopolis

Popcornopolis Sampler Gourmet Popcorn Pack, 51-Ounce Box Amazon.com Grocery & _2013-01-11_07-00-05


25.  West Bend Gourmet Popcorn Trio

Amazon.com West Bend Gourmet Popcorn Trio Kitchen & Dining - Google Chrome_2013-01-11_07-01-54


26.  Orville Redenbacher’s

Orville Redenbacher's Natural Simply Salted Microwave Popcorn - Walmart.com - Go_2013-01-11_07-02-41


27.  KRC and KO.

pgs_krcko_popcorn_.jpg (1134×486) - Google Chrome_2013-01-11_07-03-28


28.  Rocky Mountain Popcorn

7flavors_gnp copy.jpg (1200×673) - Google Chrome_2013-01-11_07-04-09


29.  Newman’s Own

240_pop.jpg (1915×1630) - Google Chrome_2013-01-11_07-04-44

30.  Rooster Sauce Popcorn

20120914-sriracha-popcorn-package.jpg (610×458) - Google Chrome_2013-01-11_07-06-35

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