30 Quick EDDM Postcard Marketing Tips

September 25, 2014

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Make sure your EDDM postcard is designed correctly using PsPrint's free layout guidelines. Make sure your EDDM postcard is designed correctly using PsPrint's free layout guidelines.

Make sure your EDDM postcard is designed correctly using PsPrint's free layout guidelines.

ostcard marketing isn’t very different from “standard” postcard marketing, save for its namesake method of distribution: Every Door Direct Mail. In order to yield the greatest return on investment from your EDDM postcard marketing campaigns you have to incorporate best practices adopted from standard postcard marketing coupled with considerations made exclusively for EDDM. The following presents 30 quick EDDM postcard marketing tips that will help you maximize your ROI and earn greater profits.

  1. Set campaign goals: Know the purpose of your EDDM postcard marketing campaign and what you want it to achieve. This will help you make good decisions regarding the rest of your campaign set-up.
  2. Know your customers:  EDDM postcards can be sent to every residential address, commercial address, or both within a zip code or set of zip codes. Understand who you’re sending your postcards to, why you’ve picked them, and what their sales triggers are so you can tailor your postcards to command attention and motivate response.
  3. Develop a special offer: Your special offer should be attractive, valuable and useful for your customers. A special discount, for example, is a great way to offer customers a deal on your products and services.
  4. Make it time-limited: A time-limited special offer lends a sense of urgency and motivates quick response.
  5. Add a tracking mechanism: A coupon, coupon code, custom URL or QR code will help you measure campaign success.
  6. Pick your zip code(s):  Your choice of zip codes will have a direct impact on the success of your direct-mail postcard campaigns. EDDM postcards are perfect for local marketing, but if you live in a larger area you can use zip codes to target specific neighborhoods – particularly those inhabited by your customer base. Keep in mind the Post Office only allows you to send up to 5,000 EDDM pieces at a time.
  7. Keep copy short and sweet: Make it easy to understand your message at a glance.
  8. Use a bold headline to command attention.
  9. Highlight customer benefits: Create desire by telling customers exactly how their lives will be better by responding to your postcard.
  10. Work a benefit and offer into your headline: There’s no better way to create desire and begin to motivate response at a glance.
  11. Incorporate compelling images: Photos, illustrations and graphics that are funny or intriguing get noticed.
  12. Highlight price and percentage savings: Customers shouldn’t have to guess what your special offer is.
  13. Make coupons and coupon codes highly visible: Perforations or even the suggestions of perforations through the use of dashed lines can help highlight coupons and codes.
  14. Include a clear call to action: Tell customers exactly what to do next to redeem your offer.
  15. Restate your unique selling point/benefits in your call to action: This helps reinforce what your customers will be getting for taking action.
  16. Use contrasting colors in your postcard design: This is another strategy for helping you get noticed.
  17. Make it “official”: Alternatively, you can make your postcards mimic “official” communications to increase response.
  18. Go mobile: QR codes and custom URLs don’t just allow you to track response, they allow customers to respond immediately. The ability to quickly respond on impulse can increase return on investment and profits.
  19. Add social media icons: If you want customers to be your online friend, give them an incentive for doing so.
  20. Use an EDDM postcard layout template: Free templates are preformatted in allowed EDDM mailing sizes, plus include helpful guidelines to properly position your artwork. It’s the fastest way to make your postcard designs print-ready.
  21. Print on premium postcard paper stock: Studies have shown that the surface texture and weight of postcards can directly influence how potential customers perceive a brand and offer.
  22. Print as many postcards as you’ll send: If you know you’re going to do, say, two different runs of 5,000 postcards each, print all 10,000 at once – your price-per-piece decreases with volume, so you’ll save money and increase return on investment.
  23. Send another postcard: Repetition is critical to direct-mail marketing success; plan to send a follow-up postcard a few weeks later to earn greater response.
  24. Measure response: Since you’ve added a tracking mechanism, now you can measure your response rate and ultimate profits from your EDDM marketing campaign.
  25. Analyze the results:  Determine whether your campaign met its goals, then determine how you can increase response rates for the next campaign.

Follow these tips, and your next EDDM postcard marketing campaign stands an excellence chance of being successful.

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