30 Spooktacular Halloween Fonts

October 9, 2014

Halloween is one of the most exciting holidays for many graphic designers, who get to dig deep into their tool kits to craft artwork that’s fun, spooky or both. No other holiday is as liberating as Halloween in terms of graphic design freedom; a plethora of monsters, ghosts, and ghouls along with family-friendly traditions mean there are plenty of themes to draw on. Moreover, even the traditional orange and black colors aren’t required for Halloween designs, so designers are essentially free to do whatever they want – and most of them want to get their creep on, as a fascination with the macabre is one shared by the masses. Graphic designers get to bring it to life (or “undeath,” if you will). One of the best ways to make your Halloween designs stand out is to incorporate unique fonts. The following lists 30 Halloween fonts you can download for free (just check commercial license requirements) to use in your Halloween designs today.

1.  Monsterama by Iconian Fonts

Monsterama Font - 1001 Free Fonts - Google Chrome_2014-09-16_08-58-03  

2.  A Lolita Scorned by AngeliQ

A Lolita Scorned font by AngeliQ - FontSpace - Google Chrome_2014-09-16_08-58-54  

3.  Scary by Kevin Byrd

Scary Font dafont.com - Google Chrome_2014-09-16_08-59-43  

4.  Black Rose by Bright Ideas

Free Font Black Rose by Bright Ideas Font Squirrel - Google Chrome_2014-09-16_09-00-34  

5.  Black Asylum by KC Fonts

Black Asylum font by KC Fonts - FontSpace - Google Chrome_2014-09-16_09-01-24  

6.  Pumpkin by Shellie In Co.

Pumpkin font UrbanFonts.com - Google Chrome_2014-09-16_09-02-35  

7.  Dark Crystal by Sharkshock

Dark Crystal Font - 1001 Free Fonts - Google Chrome_2014-09-16_09-04-31  

8.  Wicked Scary Movie by AJ Paglia

Wicked Scary Movie Font dafont.com - Google Chrome_2014-09-16_09-06-22  

9.  Carousel by Bright Ideas

Free Font Carousel by Bright Ideas Font Squirrel - Google Chrome_2014-09-16_09-09-00  

10.  My Bloody Valentine by Cloutier Fontes

CF My Bloody Valentine font by CloutierFontes - FontSpace - Google Chrome_2014-09-16_09-13-41  

11.  Pumkinese by Tom Watkins

Pumpkinese font UrbanFonts.com - Google Chrome_2014-09-16_09-15-19  

12.  A Charming Font by Gem Fonts

A Charming Font Font - 1001 Free Fonts - Google Chrome_2014-09-16_09-16-43  

13.  Scary Monsters by Chloe5972

Scary Monsters Font dafont.com - Google Chrome_2014-09-16_09-17-50  

14.  Headhunter by David Rakowski

Free Font Headhunter by David Rakowski Font Squirrel - Google Chrome_2014-09-16_09-54-31  

15.  Zombie Holocaust by Sinister Fonts

Zombie Holocaust font by Sinister Fonts - FontSpace - Google Chrome_2014-09-16_09-55-07  

16.  Halloween Spider by Melle Derreippe Claude

Halloween Spider font UrbanFonts.com - Google Chrome_2014-09-16_09-55-49  

17.  28 Days Later by Film Himmel

28 Days Later Font - 1001 Free Fonts - Google Chrome_2014-09-16_09-56-41  

18.  Griffin by Bright Ideas

Free Font Griffin by Bright Ideas Font Squirrel - Google Chrome_2014-09-16_09-57-29  

19.  Toxia by The Fontry

TOXIA font by the Fontry - FontSpace - Google Chrome_2014-09-16_09-58-09  

20.  About Dead by Paula Baptista

About Dead font UrbanFonts.com - Google Chrome_2014-09-16_09-58-50  

21.  Black Widow by Xerographer Fonts

Black Widow Font - 1001 Free Fonts - Google Chrome_2014-09-16_09-59-17  

22.  Face Your Fears by David Kerkhoff

Face Your Fears font by David Kerkhoff - FontSpace - Google Chrome_2014-09-16_09-59-53  

23.  A Dripping Marker by Wick van den Belt

a dripping marker font UrbanFonts.com - Google Chrome_2014-09-16_10-00-42  

24.  Were Wolf by Gem Fonts

Were Wolf Font - 1001 Free Fonts - Google Chrome_2014-09-16_10-01-17  

25.  Demon Skerr by The Fontry

Demon Sker font by the Fontry - FontSpace - Google Chrome_2014-09-16_10-01-52  

26.  Blood of Dracula by Brain Eaters Font Co.

Blood Of Dracula font UrbanFonts.com - Google Chrome_2014-09-16_10-02-36  

27.  Leatherface by Iconian Fonts

Leatherface Font - 1001 Free Fonts - Google Chrome_2014-09-16_10-03-13  

28.  Ghost Reverie by David Kerkhoff

Ghost Reverie font by David Kerkhoff - FontSpace - Google Chrome_2014-09-16_10-03-40  

29.  Bloodsuckers by The Empire of the Claw

Bloodsuckers font UrbanFonts.com - Google Chrome_2014-09-16_10-04-14  

30.  Nightmare 5 by Filmfonts

Nightmare 5 font by Filmfonts - FontSpace - Google Chrome_2014-09-16_10-05-05   Do you have a favorite Halloween font? Share it with us in the comments!

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