30 Super Cool Door Hanger Designs

August 11, 2013

Door hangers can be some of the most cost-effective, yet powerful, marketing tools you’ll ever employ. In fact, door hangers are exceptional at promoting any message, whether it’s marketing a product or service or simply keeping hotel staff out of your room. You can print door hangers cheap, and then recruit a team of volunteers to help you distribute them to targeted neighborhoods to promote your business. Don’t think you can get volunteers? Try rewarding them with a party afterwards (I like pizza for children, cocktails for adults). You’ll get more help than you think. Of course, you can always hire our your door hanger distribution. But before you get to distribution, you’ll need excellent door hanger copy, design and printing. Great copy reveals a time-limited offer to motivate fast response. Design commands attention for your door hangers (which are hard to ignore already) and helps convey your message. And premium door hanger printing lends a favorable impression of your company, since quality printing is nearly universally recognized (sure, customers might know know the difference between UV coating and glossy stock, but they know a professional door hanger when they hold it in their hands). For your inspiration, the following presents 30 super cool door hanger designs.

1.  Max Masonry Door Hanger by Katrina Jorgensen


2.  NutriSoda Door Hanger photo by Hunt Adkins


3.  Car Door Hanger by Elias Marendra


4.  Westwood Hotel by Julien De Repentigni



5.  Hotel Maluri by Cindy Taniran

Hotel Maluri by Cindy Taniran at Coroflot.com - Google Chrome_2013-08-08_13-39-33  

6.  Save Water Door Hanger by Susana Blasco


7.  Ralph’s Grand Opening Door Hanger


8.  PETA Door Hanger by Morgan Richter

PETA - Morgan Richter - Google Chrome_2013-08-08_13-44-29  

9.  Cash vs. Trash Door Hanger by Chris Hollingsworth


10.  Twankey Bar Door Hangers by Danica Ricciardi


11.  Door Hanger Calendars by Yuchen Zhang


12.  Don’t Wake Me Door Hanger by loganmacoy


13.  Whitewater Police Door Hanger by Philip Stier


14.  Panera Bread Menu Door Hanger by Kristen Palladino


15.  Do Not Disturb by M.E. Stationery


16.  Inviting Door Hanger by Megan Vande Lune


17.  Tony’s Pest Control by Trevor Ross


18.  Please Disturb by Kevin Cate


19.  Bath Fitter Door Hanger by ODFinishing


20.  Hi Neighbor Project by Rachel Brinkman


21.  Be A Good Neighbor by Patrick McCormack


22.  Bloomingdale’s Door Hanger by Reham Ibrahim


23.  No! by timohmeyer


24.  Adidas Door Hanger by Massivemedia


25.  Hotel Branding Door Hangers by Stephan Faerber


26.  Guerrilla Door Hangers by candsign


27.  ICT Door Hanger by Creative Dolphins


28.  Alphabet Door Hangers by Elaine Li


29.  Buzz Broadband by Design on Vine


30.  Method Door Hanger by Charlotte Benavides


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