30 Ultra Cool Coaster Designs

September 2, 2014

Coasters are functional tools for marketing your brand; not only do they project tables and keep bar tops dry, they promote your company every time a glass is lifted for a drink. That’s why major breweries routinely market their brands on bar coasters, typically given to bars and restaurants free-of-charge because they know the power of brand repetition. The most iconic coasters, however, are typically printed by establishment owners themselves, and patrons routinely take them home for display or personal use. When you develop a stellar coaster design, your brand power increases exponentially because your drink coasters earn third-party validation and word-of-mouth marketing when customers take them home and show their friends. If you want to print coasters with powerful brand presence, find inspiration in the following 30 ultra cool coaster designs.

1.  Corporate message beer coasters by L & L Design

Google Image Result for httpwww.l-ldesign.com.auwp-contentuploads201207F_2014-08-25_08-15-52  

2.  Angel’s Share by Philippe Legris

Angel's Share Play on Behance - Google Chrome_2014-08-25_08-17-17  

3.  Session Premium Lager coasters

Google Image Result for httpcdn1.tnwcdn.comwp-contentblogs.dir1files2010_2014-08-25_08-18-29  

4.  Animal coasters by Isabel Albertos Johnston

Coasters on Behance - Google Chrome_2014-08-25_08-21-08  

5.  Beer coasters by ilovedust

Google Image Result for httpwww.designworklife.comwp-contentuploads201401_2014-08-25_08-22-05  

6.  Pulpo Rojo by Ferdinand de Cordova

Pulpo Rojo - Comida del mar y Cerveza on Behance - Google Chrome_2014-08-25_08-35-51  

7.  Blood Center of Central Texas coasters

Google Image Result for httpwww.dn3austin.comsystempiecespreviews246medi_2014-08-25_08-37-33  

8.  Two Trees Bar and Café coasters

Two Trees Cafe and Bar on Behance - Google Chrome_2014-08-25_09-01-03  

9.  Kirin Ichiban sumo coaster

Google Image Result for httpwww.beertripper.combtbimagesactionKirin_Ichiba_2014-08-25_09-03-32  

10.  Redd’s Apple Ale coaster

Google Image Result for httpwww.beercansrus.comebayreddsapplealecoaster1.jp_2014-08-25_09-04-21  

11.  Loch Ness Monster coasters by Taleen Keldjian

Outdoorsy Types Coaster Show on Behance - Google Chrome_2014-08-25_09-05-59  

12.  The Sway Bar & Bistro by Marie Lyngvaer

The Sway - Bar & Bistro on Behance - Google Chrome_2014-08-25_09-06-57  

13.  Calendar coasters by Marian Williams

CoasterCalendar Set on Behance - Google Chrome_2014-08-25_09-08-11  

14.  Skull Coasters by Gabee Meyer

Porta Copos on Behance - Google Chrome_2014-08-25_09-08-46  

15.  Fortune coasters by Erquees Torres

Fortune Coaster on Behance - Google Chrome_2014-08-25_09-09-42  

16.  Trader Vit’s bar coaster

Google Image Result for httpwww.arkivatropika.comimagespictures978_large.J_2014-08-25_09-10-34  

17.  Mint.com coasters

mint.com - Soohun Kim Art Director - Google Chrome_2014-08-25_09-12-08  

18.  Game of Thrones beer coaster

Wasdstomp Game of Thrones Beer Coasters New Photos - Google Chrome_2014-08-25_09-14-34  

19.  Lagunitas coaster

Lagunitas Coaster Set, Featuring Cappuccino Stout, Gnarly Wine, and Lagunitas Im_2014-08-25_09-15-48  

20.  Lemon Up coasters by Vara Pappas

Portfolio Vara Pappas - Google Chrome_2014-08-25_09-23-01  

21.  iPhone app icon coasters via Flickr

iPhone Coaster Flickr - Photo Sharing! - Google Chrome_2014-08-25_09-23-47  

22.  Bar Fouls coaster series by Dave Hall

Bar Fouls on Behance - Google Chrome_2014-08-25_09-24-37  

23.  Jigger’s Noble Drugstore coaster

Jigger's Noble Drugstore Coasters on Behance - Google Chrome_2014-08-25_09-25-32  

24.  Phishy email coaster by Pete Kleine

coaster design on Behance - Google Chrome_2014-08-25_09-26-17  

25.  Story/lesson coasters by Victor Mathieux

Coasters & Posters Principles of a Victor on Behance - Google Chrome_2014-08-25_09-28-08  

26.  Fordham Brewing Company coaster by Erin Parsons

Rams Head and Fordham Brewing Company on Behance - Google Chrome_2014-08-25_09-28-52  

27.  Die Happy coaster series by Bob Case

Die Happy Coasters on Behance - Google Chrome_2014-08-25_09-30-31  

28.  Spur Creative Studios coaster by Kyle Richardson

Spur Creative Studios Coasters on Behance - Google Chrome_2014-08-25_09-31-33  

29.  Max & Erma’s Mobile Max campaign coaster by Dean Rembielak

Max&Erma's MobileMax SMS Campaign Identity on Behance - Google Chrome_2014-08-25_09-32-30  

30.  Coffee shop coasters by Brandy Corwell

Coffee Shop Coasters on Behance - Google Chrome_2014-08-25_09-43-42-Optimized   Which is your favorite coaster design? Do you have a link to an amazing coaster design? Share it with us in the comments below!

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