30 Ways To Boost Business Using Only Print Marketing

July 7, 2014

Digital marketing might provide cheap and convenient ways to promote your business, but it still lags behind print marketing in efficacy. A good print marketing campaign, particularly direct-mail marketing, will yield a greater response rate and lower cost-per-lead than digital marketing. Part of the power of print marketing lies in knowing your customers so you can develop a distribution method that puts the right message in front of the right people. The other part is in personalization: Print marketing is tangible, it can be touched, felt and held. Print marketing isn’t restricted to a screen, so you can get more creative with your marketing tactics. The following lists 30 ways to boost business using only print marketing.

  1. Send direct-mail postcards with time-limited coupons redeemable at your retail location, restaurant or other venue.
  2. Print catalogs to mail to a highly targeted mailing list and ask customers to fill out a response form to get your best deals.
  3. Distribute brochures in places your customers frequent; at other, non-competing businesses who share your audience, for example.
  4. Carry business cards with you at all times and hand them to everyone you meet.
  5. Place business cards on card racks, counter tops and anywhere else your customers might be inclined to pick them up.
  6. Brand your company with cleverly placed stickers in public areas.
  7. Print useful booklets with added value for your customers, so they’ll want to read them and follow up with you for more information and to purchase recommended products and services.
  8. Place banners near busy intersections.
  9. Distribute free calendars to your best customers and include monthly VIP sales specials.
  10. Go door-to-door with a door hanger marketing campaign targeted at neighborhoods that match your best customer demographics.
  11. Place large posters in busy shopping districts and venues your customers frequent.
  12. Place flyers on community bulletin boards, walls, windows and doors.
  13. Work out a deal with a local restaurant to supply table tents in exchange for being able to print your marketing message on one side.
  14. If you cater to travelers and tourists, make sure you have plenty of rack cards in CVBs, welcome centers, Chambers, hotels, restaurants, gas stations and other can’t-miss areas.
  15. Make your products more desirable with hang tags that promote product benefits, sales prices and other perks.
  16. Print refer-a-friend cards that benefit both parties when redeemed.
  17. Give your menu a profit-boosting makeover, designed to take advantage of tactics that result in greater profit margins.
  18. Print useful magnets with handy kitchen conversions, event calendars and other information your customers will want to use as a handy reference on their refrigerators.
  19. Send greeting cards to congratulate customers on special dates, and include time-limited offer “gifts” and discounts.
  20. Print VIP sales day invitations to send to your best customers, or to targeted niche customer segments.
  21. Mail regular newsletters to establish trust and credibility that lead to long-term customer loyalty.
  22. Include stickers in every retail package you send, or simply hand them to customers; some will prominently display your stickers to lend brand power in front of their peers – and potential future customers.
  23. Print branded notepads to distribute to clients; they’ll see your name whenever they jot a note.
  24. Print brochures as sales tools to help you deliver in-person presentations.
  25. Print leave-behind brochures so potential customers can learn more after your presentations – and offer incentives to follow up soon.
  26. Send employees out into your local entertainment district armed with club card flyers to hand to passers-by; include a special incentive to visit your club tonight.
  27. Print response cards to survey customers. Offer an incentive for response and gain valuable information regarding customer satisfaction and how you can improve your company.
  28. Use sales sheets to create desire by revealing your unique selling points, benefits to the customer and benefits to the customer’s customer if you’re a B2B business.
  29. Print clever bumper stickers your customers will want to place on their vehicles for free on-the-go marketing wherever they drive.
  30. Distribute bookmarks that feature your brand plus a special offer if your customers are bookworms.

What other ways can you think of to market your business using only print marketing? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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