30 Websites for Design, Printing, and Marketing Inspiration

July 24, 2013

Want to craft the best designs, develop innovative and attention-getting print marketing materials, and earn the best possible return on investment? Try the following 30 websites for design, printing and marketing inspiration. Enjoy!

Design Inspiration

1.  It’s Nice That A continually updated collection of outstanding design work. It's Nice That Home - Google Chrome_2013-07-11_11-06-33-Optimized   2.  Muse User-submitted design inspiration! muse a collection of inspiration - Google Chrome_2013-07-11_11-07-15-Optimized   3.  Pattern Tap Features a focus on web and UI interface design inspiration. The Main Tap › PatternTap - Google Chrome_2013-07-11_11-08-09-Optimized   4.  LogoPond Check out the latest logo designs here. Logopond - Identity Inspiration - Google Chrome_2013-07-11_11-09-50-Optimized   5.  Designspiration Outstanding inspiration for many aspects of design. Designspiration — Design Inspiration - Google Chrome_2013-07-11_11-10-55-Optimized  

6.  CardObserver

All business card design inspiration, all the time. Business Card Design Unique Business Cards by CardObserver - Google Chrome_2013-07-11_11-12-02-Optimized   7.  Friends of Type Get your typography fix here! Friends of Type - Google Chrome_2013-07-11_11-13-40-Optimized   8.  Cool Showcase User-submitted artwork uploaded for your review and inspiration. Coolshowcase Design inspiration - Google Chrome_2013-07-11_11-14-41-Optimized   9.  Designers Go To Heaven A unique take on an inspiration showcase blog that covers a lot of ground. Designers Go To Heaven - Google Chrome_2013-07-11_11-15-41-Optimized   10.  Mint A lot of the designs featured here are for products, but still well worth your time for inspiration. mint design, art, fashion, and wedding blog by ellie snow - Google Chrome_2013-07-11_11-17-01-Optimized  

Printing Inspiration

11.  Printing Industries of America Blog Inspiration for commercial printing ideas based on contemporary trends. Printing Industries of America Blog Printing Industries Blog - Google Chrome_2013-07-11_11-18-46-Optimized   12.  Dead Tree Edition Devoted to the production and mailing of publications such as magazines and catalogs. Dead Tree Edition - Google Chrome_2013-07-11_11-21-33-Optimized   13.  Beast Pieces Keep scrolling for myriad ways you can print common communications. Beast Pieces - Google Chrome_2013-07-11_11-23-34-Optimized   14.  Print Stories Read this blog full of stories about the printing industry, from an insider’s perspective. Print Stories Print Stories - Google Chrome_2013-07-11_11-24-11-Optimized   15.  The Dieline Be inspired by unique and creative package designs here. The Dieline - - Google Chrome_2013-07-11_11-25-24-Optimized   16.  PI World (Printing Impressions) THE go-to source for commercial printer news, trends and inspiration. Printing, Prepress, Postpress, Graphic Arts Printing Impressions - Google Chro_2013-07-11_11-26-27-Optimized   17.  National Association for Printing Leadership Blog This blog is dedicated to serving small and quick commercial printing companies. Blog NAPL NAPL - Google Chrome_2013-07-11_11-28-15-Optimized   18.  Pushing The Envelope (USPS) This USPS-led blog covers the mailing side of the printing industry. USPS OIG - Google Chrome_2013-07-11_11-30-06-Optimized   19.  Eco-Libris Want inspiration for going green with your printing? This blog is dedicated to it. Eco-Libris blog - Google Chrome_2013-07-11_11-32-09-Optimized   20.  Paper or Plastic This blog offers inspiration for printing sustainability as well as graphic design creativity. Paper or Plastic A blog about sustainability, graphic design and creativity. -_2013-07-11_11-34-58-Optimized  

Marketing Inspiration

21.  Direct Marketing Association Blog If anyone knows the in’s and out’s of direct marketing, it’s the DMA. DMA Advance Ideas, inspiration and insights on everything that makes responsib_2013-07-11_11-38-33-Optimized   22.  Ads of the World View the work of some of the world’s largest professional ad firms. Ads of the World™ Creative Advertising Archive & Community - Google Chrome_2013-07-11_11-39-55-Optimized   23.  I Have An Idea Showcase of successful ad campaigns by other marketing firms. IHAVEANIDEA - Google Chrome_2013-07-11_11-40-52-Optimized   24.  Ignite Social Media Blog Glean inspiration and insight from social media experts. Blog Ignite Social Media - Google Chrome_2013-07-11_11-41-53-Optimized   25.  Danny Brown Learn from one of the web’s top social media experts. Award-winning Social Media Marketing Blog from Danny Brown - Google Chrome_2013-07-11_11-43-41-Optimized   26.  Marketing Experiments Blog Be inspired to craft your own winning marketing campaigns through trial and error discussed on this blog. MarketingExperiments Blog - Google Chrome_2013-07-11_11-45-03-Optimized   27.  Duct Tape Marketing One of the cleanest and most fulfilling marketing blogs on the web. Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape Marketing - Small business marketin_2013-07-11_11-46-34-Optimized   28.  Creative Criminals A daily-updated collection of some of the most creative advertisements on the web, collection for your inspiration. Creative Criminals - It's all about advertising - Google Chrome_2013-07-11_11-47-30-Optimized   29.  Creative Guerilla Marketing Looking for the unconventional and attention-getting? You’ll find ideas here. Creative Guerrilla Marketing - Google Chrome_2013-07-11_11-48-55-Optimized   30.  PsPrint Blog I might be tooting our own horn, but I think we have a pretty good blog right here. Browse through or search for your favorite topic: we cover design, printing and marketing. And if you have an idea for a topic you’d like me to cover, submit it in the comments! PsPrint Blog - Designing. Printing. Marketing. - Google Chrome_2013-07-11_11-51-10-Optimized

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