4 Ways Sheet Stickers Can Boost Sales

July 20, 2014

Printing sheet stickers is a great way to reduce your investment on sticker printing, since you can set up multiple sticker designs on a single sheet. Sheet stickers also allow for standard die-cut (“kiss cut”) shapes so you can print die-cut stickers without the costs associated with setting up dies. For small businesses, sheet sticker printing isn’t just about design; rather, sheet stickers can be valuable sales tools. Here are four ways sheet stickers can boost sales.

1.  Branding on everything

You can print sheet stickers that feature your logo and other brand symbols, then apply them to all of your products, literature, and packaging. This strategy helps create the impression of an ubiquitous brand and works to promote your company at every single customer interaction. Place sheet stickers on the products you make (or have components in, a la laptops), on the cardboard boxes those products are shipped in, on sales letters and envelopes, and anything else you send to your customers.

2.  Reveal benefits

You can use sheet stickers to highlight customer benefits on your products and product packaging. Stickers are natural attention-getters; customers have been trained to pay attention to stickers because they often provide important information such as safety warnings. You can take advantage of our propensity to pay attention to stickers by printing sheet stickers that promote specific benefits. Incorporate bold design that contrasts with your product or packaging, and it will be impossible for customers to ignore your message.

3.  Promote special discounts

Similarly, you can take advantage of the attention-commanding power of stickers to promote special product discounts. This is particularly useful for retailers who want to promote impulse purchases. A sticker that promotes a 20 percent, 30 percent or 50% percent discount can dramatically increase sales of a given item. More move merchandise and boost sales with sheet stickers.

4.  Via customer pride

Once you’ve established a brand your customers are proud to be associated with, you can distribute sheet stickers to customers for their own use. Your most loyal customers will affix them to their electronic devices, bicycles, helmets, lockers, filing cabinets, mirrors, vehicles, and other places their friends and colleagues will notice. This not only contributes to your overall branding efforts, it offers third-party endorsements from happy customers and can therefore motivate their friends and colleagues to buy from you. Sheet stickers are excellent alternatives to “normal” stickers because they allow you to print many designs on a single sheet, so you’re not limited to a single sticker design. They also allow you to print die-cut stickers at no extra cost (for round corner, circle and oval stickers). Keep an eye out for discount sheet sticker printing (PsPrint routinely offers as much as 60 percent off) to print premium stickers for cheap and maximize your return on investment.

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