5 Best Holiday-ized Logos

December 28, 2010

I love it when companies get into the holiday spirit, and I think others do, too. When we see store managers walking around with Santa hats, cashiers with holly on their name tags and free candy canes in the checkout aisle, I think we all feel a little happier. I think it also means we spend a bit more money – but I refuse to believe that corporate efforts at holiday happiness are driven only by PR and profit. No, I think the holiday spirit comes alive in many employees regardless of company motive.

And I think you should instill some holiday joy into your marketing this year. One of my favorite ways to do it? “Holiday-ize” your logo. Here are five of my favorite holiday-ized logos. 1. Google Google is known for its creative logos that commemorate many events, anniversaries, celebrations and holidays throughout the year. I particularly like this holiday logo from a couple years ago – it is simple and clean, yet makes a clear point. 2. Appalachian Bear Rescue ABR is a worthy cause, and each year it holds a special charity sale to raise funds to support its efforts. I like the bear in the Santa cap. 3. OfficeMax This isn't necessarily a new spin on the OfficeMax logo; rather, it's the Office Max logo incorporated into a new logo for a promotional application, the Elf Yourself game. 4. Boloco Boloco makes burritos — inspired burritos, according to the company's tagline. I've never eaten there (the closest is about 850 miles from me), but I wanted to include their company logo here to demonstrate how simple it can be for you to get your business – and your customers – in the holiday spirit. 5. Active Body & Spa This logo demonstrates how even the most posh services can be elegantly holiday-ized.

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Britt January 07, 2016 03:21 am #

Great idea Brian! Companies can even make a holiday-decorated version of their website or home page.

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Brian January 07, 2016 03:21 am #

Thanks Britt! I love the whole website/home page idea, but I think some companies have become too fearful of offending others to "holiday-ize" their entire sites (even their logos in many cases). I think that is why we're seeing more and more themed satellite sites. If someone complains that their holiday isn't recognized, it is just as easy to deploy a satellite site that does. The brand association is still maintained, but not necessarily seen as an "official stance" one way or the other.

Still, I'm definitely sure that some companies have undertaken complete holiday overhauls for their websites. If you have any screenshots, link to them here! :)

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