5 Reasons Print Marketing Will Never Die

June 10, 2014

Postcard by PsPrint customer Best Friends Animal Society. Postcard by PsPrint customer Best Friends Animal Society.

Postcard by PsPrint customer Best Friends Animal Society.

Despite the prevalence of digital marketing today, print marketing remains the most effective way to reach a targeted customer base and motivate response. Some have heralded digital marketing as the death knell of print; however, rather than dooming print marketing, digital marketing has actually created an opportunity for companies to take advantage of print marketing in new ways. The following lists five reasons print marketing will never die.

1.  Print marketing is powerful

No other marketing channels are as powerful as print marketing, which can deliver personalized, tangible printed pieces that have weight and feel good in customers’ hands. Direct-mail sales letters, brochures, greeting cards, postcards, and catalogs are next to impossible to ignore; moreover, many customers look forward to receiving special offers and product lists in the mail. Print marketing isn’t an easily closed screen; it’s a product in and of itself that customers appreciate and respond to.

2.  Print marketing is versatile and economical

Posters, flyers, stickers and banners, collectively, can be placed nearly anywhere: at busy intersections, on walls and windows, in public places, on floors and sidewalks, on vehicles – essentially, anywhere you want your business to get noticed. Digital marketing can’t do that, and even if it could, it would cost far more than a few banners or stickers.

3.  Print marketing takes advantage of digital opportunities

Print hasn’t ignored digital marketing opportunities; in fact, it’s embraced them by becoming vehicles to drive website traffic, QR codes to promote app downloads, and augmented reality to give mobile customers interactive marketing experiences. Rather than compete with digital marketing, print marketing has embraced it by figuring out how to take advantage of the best both print and digital have to offer in order to launch more powerful marketing campaigns.

4.  Print marketing is preferred by customers

We all call it “junk” mail, but the fact of the matter is 73 percent of consumers prefer print mail over email. That figure is too enormous to ignore, especially when you consider the following fact…

5.  Young people love print marketing

Younger generations are our future, and to those who grew up in the digital age, print marketing is “new.” Younger people are accustomed to digital marketing, but when they leave the nest they’re excited to get personalized, tangible print marketing delivered to them. It’s empowering and liberating. Consider this: 18- to 24-year-olds are the second most-responsive demographic to direct-mail marketing, after the 65-and-up demographic. As I’ve pointed out before, digital marketing isn’t killing print marketing – it’s liberating print marketing. Print marketing is no longer burdened with being the sole source of information for consumers, so it’s free to explore creative new avenues and reach highly-targeted customers when, where, and how they want. That’s why print marketing will never die.

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