5 Tricks For Easy Season's Greetings

November 24, 2014

Do you want to send holiday cards to friends, family members and customers but you’re short on time? No problem -  you can take advantage of time-tested tricks to send personalized greeting cards, invitations, and other holiday cards quick and easy. Start with the following five tricks for easy season’s greetings.

1.  Use a handwriting font

It’s tempting to personalized your holiday cards by handwriting a message on each card, but in many cases it’s not practical to do so – especially if you have hundreds of holiday cards to send and little time to do it. You can give your holiday cards that personalized appearance by substituting a handwriting font in your design.

2.  Use the PsPrint Designer Series

PsPrint’s Designer Series features 16 different designs you can customize with your own text, graphics, logo and photos using the free online design tool. This allows you to take a professionally designed holiday card, make it yours with a few custom tweaks, then print customized holiday cards just for you or your company – all in just a few minutes.

3.  Print return address labels

Handwriting your return address is time-consuming, and printing your own return address labels on a desktop printer is both tedious and often full of hassles. Instead, print your own custom peel-and-stick return address labels featuring your own personal or branded design so you can quickly place your return address on your invitations or holiday card envelopes.

4.  Print envelope seals

Similarly, licking or even peeling sticker-based envelopes are mundane, time-consuming tasks that are imperfect at best. Seal your envelopes fast and easy with your own custom-designed envelope seals, which can be made to match your holiday cards and return address labels. Envelope seals lend greater visual appeal to your holiday card envelopes and make sealing them a breeze.

5.  Let your printing company do all the work

Finally, you can have your printing company take care of printing your holiday cards and envelopes, then stuffing, sealing, and addressing them. They’ll even mail your holiday cards for you. All you have to do is supply a mailing list, which shouldn’t be difficult to do since you already know who you need to send your holiday cards to. Combine these services with the PsPrint Designer Series tool, and in just a few minutes’ time you can send custom holiday cards to your favorite people without having to fold or even touch a single holiday card. What could be easier than that? What tricks for easy season’s greetings can you share? Let us know in the comments!

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