5 Ways Folded Business Cards Can Boost Sales

June 3, 2015

Most professionals print “standard” 3.5-inch by 2-inch business cards to hand to potential customers, but you can boost sales when you print folded business cards. Folded business cards double your valuable marketing real estate; real estate you can take advantage of to double your response rate. The following lists five ways folded business cards can boost sales.

1.  Folded business can differentiate your brand

Your brand needs to resonate with your audience and stand out from competitors, and folded business cards combined with unique die-cutting can help differentiate your brand. Try:

  • printing your tagline along the bottom of the inside panel, then having your front panel cut back just enough to reveal it
  • having a unique cut-out that plays with the inside panel coloring; this would be a perfect way to display your logo
  • rounded corners, front panels cut to a diagonal point (like an envelope) or other unique shapes that make your folded business cards visually exciting

2. Turn the inside into a coupon

You can turn the inside, back half, or back panel into a coupon or a special product or service promotion with a coupon code to generate sales. Giving customers a discount is a great way to get customers to keep your business card, visit your store or website, and even motivate direct sales.

3. Create a service listing or mini catalog

Turn the inside of your business card into a service listing or mini catalog that showcases all your products and services, or at least represents what you’re best at. You can also use this space to explain what makes your brand different, list benefits of buying from you, and to tell the whole story about your business and why you’re the best choice in your industry.

4. Drive email subscribers and social media likes

You can turn the inside of your business cards into lead generation machines by offering a special incentive such as a discount coupon, freebie, or even exclusive content when they subscribe to your email newsletter or like your Facebook page. These give you additional channels for follow-up marketing.

5. Make appointment reminders

If you often make meeting appointments on the spot, you can make the inside of your folded business card an appointment reminder. Ask your prospects to write the appointment date and time (you can say your handwriting is hard to read), then give them the card. When they write the date and time down, they take ownership of the meeting and are more likely to keep appointments – or sales calls. The best part? Folded business cards don’t cost much more to print than standard business cards. Boost sales by printing folded business cards now!

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