5 Ways to Print More Interesting Booklets

September 13, 2015

Booklet printing is an excellent marketing strategy; booklets offer powerful presentations plus ample room for informational and sales copy. A great booklet marketing campaign can yield many well-qualified leads and customers – but first, you have to draw customers in with an interesting booklet that commands attention. The following lists five ways to print more interesting booklets.

1. Solve customer problems

Problem-solving is at the root of every business, and a booklet that solves your customers’ problems will be not only be read, it will be kept as a reference. Booklets that solve problems help establish your company as the leading authority in your field. Example: A financial planner could print a booklet that walks people step-by-step through the process of saving for retirement.

2. Offer unique information

New, unique information or a fresh perspective on a controversial topic makes your booklet more interesting. Avoid rehashing what your customers have read a million times and offer something new and useful. This adds value to your booklet and definitely makes it more interesting to your target audience. Example: A mechanic might print a booklet that explains how synthetic oils make it possible to go longer periods between oil changes. This might seem counter-intuitive, but it would work if the mechanic’s platform is built on trust, honesty and not overcharging for unnecessary repairs.

3. Include visual comparisons

Use charts, graphs, and other visual tools to present visual comparisons between products, services and competitors. Visual comparisons makes it easier for customers to understand the benefits of buying from you and the differences between products and services so they can make the best purchasing decisions. Example: A digital marketing company prints a booklet that includes a “features table,” which visually compares what’s included in different service tiers.

4. Add full-page images

Large, full-page, full-color images make for striking visuals, and it will make your booklet more interesting – especially if you use interesting images to begin with. You might even consider making the background of every booklet page a full-page image. Example: A car company features full-page photos of a new car model, including close-ups of special components, on each page of its booklet.

5. Craft a killer cover

More than anything else, the cover of your booklet will dictate whether your audience opens it up for a read or tosses it in the trash. A great booklet cover should feature interesting images as well as powerful “teaser text” that creates desire – just like magazine covers. Example: A seed company prints a booklet with a cover page that promises to reveal the secrets of growing giant pumpkins. Make your booklets interesting, and your target audience will read them – and many will become customers. Start planning your booklet printing now.

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