10 Cool Calendar Design Tutorials

December 18, 2012

Calendar design can be an incredible revenue source for graphic designers.  You can design calendars to sell to clients who sell calendars retail, you can design calendars to sell on your own, and you can design calendars for clients to give to their customers as year-round marketing tools.  Design compelling calendars with ease by taking advantage of the hints, tips and tricks in the following 10 cool calendar design tutorials.

1.  Useful Calendar Design Tips

This article reveals methods for ensuring a high-quality calendar design without the frustration of unnecessary steps. It covers topics such as best use of page space, date display and calendar production details. Useful Calendar Designing Tips  Tutorial Lounge - Google Chrome_2012-12-03_12-07-13  

2.  Photoshop Calendar Design Tips

This tutorial walks you through the process of designing a desktop or printable wall calendar with Photoshop. GrafX-Design.com - Photoshop Tutorials -- Create a Desktop or Printable Calendar_2012-12-03_12-09-16  

3.  Design An Amazing Calendar in Photoshop

Go beyond basic Photoshop techniques and use layers and blending options to craft a compelling calendar design. Learn How to Design an Amazing 2012 Calendar in Photoshop Website Design blog,_2012-12-03_12-10-40  

4.  Singe Page Calendar Design Tutorial

This tutorial demonstrates tips you can use to lend a clean, modern and intuitive layout to a single page calendar design. Making a Single-Page Calendar – Photoshop Elements User - Google Chrome_2012-12-03_12-11-55  

5.  Grunge Rasta Calendar Design Tutorial

Learn how to design a calendar with a grunge effect, step-by-step, in this easy-to-follow tutorial that yields premium results. Create a September 2008 Calendar Wallpaper in Grunge Rasta Design - Google Chrom_2012-12-03_12-13-19  

6.  Gift-Worthy Calendar Design Photoshop Tutorial

This tutorial examines the finer details of using Photoshop to design a calendar you’ll be proud to give away as a gift. Create a Gift-Worthy Calendar in Photoshop CreativePro.com - Google Chrome_2012-12-03_12-14-35  

7.  Unique Calendar Design Tutorial

Skip the grid with this colorful calendar design tutorial that shows you how to display dates in a distinct and unique layout. Mopacity Tutorials - Your Home for Unique Photoshop Tutorials - Google Chrome_2012-12-03_12-15-38  

8.  Create a Calendar with Photoshop Scripts

You can easily automate calendar grid creation using Photoshop’s advanced features. Learn how in this tutorial. Create a Calendar Using Scripting in Photoshop Psdtuts - Google Chrome_2012-12-03_12-17-52  

9.  Appointment Calendar Grid Tutorial

Some calendars need large, spaced grids to allow end users to pen in appointments and other information. This tutorial shows you how to design an appointment calendar grid fast and easy. Calendar Grid Tutorial - Ms. Babkie's Graphic Design Classes - Google Chrome_2012-12-03_12-19-22  

10.  Design a 3-D Calendar with InDesign

Learn how to use InDesign to create a compelling 3-D calendar for home, for office or for sale! Create a 3D calendar with InDesign Tutorial Computer Arts magazine - Google _2012-12-03_12-20-26

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