10 Cool Surf Company Logos

June 2, 2013

Growing up in Ohio, I always thought that the coolest job on earth would be to own a seaside surf company (or, a cocktail bar, but Tom Cruise showed me the perils of that industry). To handcraft custom surfboards and sell them for “custom” prices in the fresh, salty breeze seemed a perfect way to live my days. One senior trip later, however, and I discovered I have no business being on a surfboard, much less designing one. Still, the thought of living the idealized life as a seaside merchant flows in my veins; and I can appreciate the amazing designs – both in form and function – crafted by some of the finest board shapers in the business. To that end, I offer some of the coolest surf company logos, coast-to-coast.

1.  Channel Islands

Founded in 1969 and featuring the work of the famed Al Merrick, Channel Islands features a logo that includes excellent symbolism for an easily recognized brand image. channel islands surfboards logo - Google Search - Google Chrome_2013-05-13_10-56-25  

2.  Rip Curl

A longstanding wetsuit maker and custom handcrafted surfboard manufacturer, Rip Curl’s logo is one of my favorites for its clean lines, simple shape and brand name relevance. ripcurl-logo  

3.  Gordon and Smith

A unique logo with a vintage look that lends itself to the notion of established quality, which fits Gordon and Smith’s nearly 70-year history. (G&S logos.eps)  

4.  Maurice Cole

Maurice Cole features a logo unlike any other surf company on this list. I love its simplicity, which lends itself to easy memorization and recognition. The company makes surfboards specifically for tow-in surfing. logo (1)  

5.  Hawaiian Island Creations

This symbol-based logo features the sun, waves and palms of its namesake geography; the company has been supplying surfboards to islanders since 1974. hawaiin island creations logo - Google Search - Google Chrome_2013-05-13_11-16-18  

6.  Lost Surfboards

An X-Game type logo with elements of graffiti. If you have a chance, check out the company’s website – they’re very good at connecting with customers. lost  

7.  Bear Surfboards

Awesome classic logo from a company so American, a film was made about its founders. largest_fit  

8.  Firewire Surfboards

A decidedly modern and energetic logo, appropriate for a company focused on surfboard performance. picture-2  

9.  CJB’s Surf Company

Not a board shaper, but I love this surf hardware distribution company’s clever logo. CJB's Surf Company Surf Hardware Distribution - Google Chrome_2013-05-13_11-27-11  

10.  Spyder Boardshops

Cool name, even cooler logo for a surf shop that started pretty much as I described in my intro – with a guy (Dennis Jarvis) shaping boards in his small shop. logo (2)

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