How Can Door Hangers Help You Market Your Business?

September 17, 2013

Door hanger for Menchville Baptist Church Door hanger by PsPrint customer Menchville Baptist Church

Door hanger by PsPrint customer Menchville Baptist Church

In the small business marketing world, door hangers sometimes get a bad rap. I’ve even seen some bloggers write door hangers off as “amateurish.” If that’s the case, how can door hangers help you market your business? The answer is simple, really: door hangers work. First, let’s dispel the notion that door hangers are amateurish. Many Fortune 500 companies routinely engage in door hanger marketing. If they’re amateurs, what would you call your small business? Now, let’s consider three scenarios door hangers were created to cash in on. 1.  Soccer Mom Soccer Mom has had a busy day at work. After work, she takes Kid One to soccer practice, Kid Two to piano lessons, and Kid Three tows along with her, needing diaper changes, bottles, and constant care. She finally gets home – two hours after leaving work – and has hungry kids and a husband. The last thing she feels like doing is cooking a meal, then cleaning up after, only to have just enough time to get the kids showered and to bed. Soccer Mom is tired and harried, and deserves a break. When she returns home, on the door knob is a door hanger for a local pizza parlor that includes a “family value” coupon. The door hanger isn’t an inconvenience, it is salvation! 2.  Concerned Dad Concerned Dad lives with his family in a typical American middle class suburb. He feels generally secure about his family’s safety, but a recent rash of neighborhood break-ins – a car radio stolen from one neighbor, jewelry missing from another – has him on edge. He’s been thinking about doing something to better ensure his family’s safety. He returns home from work one day to find a door hanger advertising a security system, along with a time-limited offer. Concerned Dad is happy to receive the offer, because he already wants to install a security system and appreciates the ability to save a few bucks doing so. 3.  Weary Entrepreneur Weary Entrepreneur works long hours and deals with a ton of stress every day. She is tired. Her neck aches from long hours at the computer. Her temples ache from supplier headaches. She just wants a bit of rest and relaxation so she can recharge before going back to the grind. One day she finds a door hanger for a local day spa, complete with a coupon for a one-hour massage. It’s just the ticket she needs to relieve her stress. I could go on and on with examples of why door hangers work and how they can help you market your business. The key is to know your target audience, know how to find them, and then to position your message to make life better for your customers. And door hangers are cheap to print and distribute. How can door hangers help you market your business? By placing a highly targeted message in an impossible-to-ignore location, and delivering to your customers precisely what they’ve been looking for. Solve problems for your customers, and your door hangers can generate an outstanding return on investment.

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