How to Get More Business with Yard Signs

September 29, 2015

Looking for a great way to get more business at minimal investment? Yard signs might be the solution you’re looking for. Here’s how to get more business with yard signs.

Plan your yard sign campaign

Yard signs aren’t just for real estate agents and contractors/home service providers, who often place yard signs at properties they’ve listed, sold or worked on. In fact, any business can take advantage of yard signs when you properly plan your campaign. Create a sound plan by answering the following questions:

  • What do you want customers to do after seeing your yard signs? Visit your store, visit your website, call a number or simply remember your brand?
  • Who is your target audience, and where can you best reach them? Busy intersections, specific neighborhoods, different cities or all of the above?
  • Will you need permission to place your yard signs where you want? How will you get it? Will you need to pay for space or offer an incentive to use it?
  • Will you present a special offer, such as a discount, sale, freebie or other incentive to respond in a given time frame?
  • How many yard signs will you print, who will distribute them, will they be paid, and what is your overall budget?
  • What is the ultimate goal of your yard sign marketing campaign? How will you know if you have achieved it?

The answers to these questions will help you make decisions regarding yard sign design, printing and distribution. Formulate a winning strategy now to yield excellent return on investment from your campaign.

Design your yard signs

Yard sign design looks simple, but it takes skills to design a yard sign that commands attention, makes your pitch and delivers a call to action – all in a single moment. Here are some yard sign design tips to help you make your signs more powerful promotional tools:

  • Limit text and use plenty of white space; experiment with different text to make the biggest impression in the fewest possible characters.
  • Large, easy-to-read, standard fonts work best for yard signs.
  • Contrasting colors can make yard signs stand out, plus easier to read.
  • Unique photos and illustrations can help your yard signs get attention, as long as they’re relevant to your business.
  • Deliver a quick, memorable call to action – a “word” phone number, a unique URL, etc.
  • The larger your yard signs, the more likely they’ll get noticed (download free yard sign layout templates).

Print your yard signs

With your design complete, the next step is to print your yard signs. Printing yard signs is easy, but you will have to make the following considerations:

  • Size: Again, the bigger your yard signs, the easier they’ll be to see.
  • Sides: Will you print both sides of your yard signs, or just on the front?
  • Material: A 3/16-inch corrugated white plastic will make your designs stand out and withstand poor weather conditions.
  • Grommets or stakes: Will you need grommets added to hand your yard signs, or will you need yard sign stakes?
  • Stakes: If you’ll need stakes, choose between low stakes that place your signs close to the ground, standard stakes that let you elevate your yard signs 18 inches, or heavy-duty stakes designed for larger signs and to withstand high winds.
  • Quantity: The more yard signs you print per run, the cheaper your price per yard sign – so it makes sense to print as many signs as you need all at once.

Distribute your yard signs

Yard signs are perfect marketing tools for locally based businesses because they make it easy to reach hundreds or even thousands of potential customers at high-traffic intersections and in targeted neighborhoods. Even non-local businesses can take advantage of yard signs with strategic placement – particularly online-based brands. You can distribute your yard signs:

  • Near high-traffic intersections
  • In targeted neighborhoods where your customers tend to live
  • In the yard of local celebrities and/or high-profile businesses to demonstrate endorsement
  • In the yards of homes you’ve serviced (for example, lawnmowers, painters, landscapers, roofers, contractors, real estate agents, etc.)
  • In other cities – for example, prominent areas in larger cities to drive traffic to your website

Of course, be sure get permission to place your yard signs on private property, and consult local ordinances or your city office to find out if any rules pertain to placing yard signs on public property. Use these tips to plan, design, print, and distribute yard signs that successfully promote your brand and special sales anywhere. Start planning your yard sign marketing campaign now.

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