10 Good Reasons to Print Calendars for Marketing

December 22, 2013

This calendar was designed by PsPrint customer Vincent Burkhead Studio for Joslin Orthopedic Gear This calendar was designed by PsPrint customer Vincent Burkhead Studio for Joslin Orthopedic Gear

This calendar was designed by PsPrint customer Vincent Burkhead Studio for Joslin Orthopedic Gear

Have you ever considered calendar printing as a marketing vehicle, but weren’t sure whether your company can benefit from calendar marketing? With a strategic approach to calendar marketing, any company can reap the rewards of year-round marketing. The keys to a successful calendar marketing campaign are:

  • Relevance: Your calendar theme should feature images your customers want to display.
  • Unique visual engagement: Your calendar design and photography should be striking.
  • Quality printing: Like a picture frame, quality calendar printing makes your calendars more attractive.
  • Branding: Make sure your brand is prominent on every page.
  • Direct marketing: Reveal monthly, weekly or even daily specials to promote year round sales.
  • Distribution: Get your calendars in the hands of well-targeted customers – current and past buyers as well as those who fit your target customer demographic.

All of these elements of a successful calendar printing campaign have been covered extensively on the PsPrint Blog. Knowing how to achieve success is one thing; understanding why calendar marketing is a good idea is the catalyst you need to get started. Thus, here are 10 good reasons to print calendars for marketing.

  1. Brand your company: Place your logo, wordmark or other branding visuals on every page so customers recognize you as the leader in your industry.
  2. Direct marketing: As stated, you can unveil monthly, weekly or daily deals complete with coupons and coupon codes so you can track calendar return on investment.
  3. Cheap marketing: Nothing has a lower investment-per-customer-per-view than calendars. A single calendar can generate thousands of views from each customer per year.
  4. Solidarity: Relevant calendars show customers you’re just like them. They build trust in your company and lend confidence to buyers.
  5. Add value: Unlike many other marketing materials, calendars are useful; thus, they add value for your customers.
  6. Differentiate your company: You can take advantage of your calendar design and photography to differentiate your company. A unique calendar gets noticed and is easily remembered.
  7. Simple distribution: Take calendars directly to local customers for a personal touch; you can also mail calendars to a well-targeted mailing list comprised of those who meet your best customer demographics.
  8. Reach customers your competitors are missing: If your competitors aren’t engaged in calendar marketing, you have an opportunity to market to customers on a daily basis via a channel they’re not using.
  9. Promote new products, services, websites and apps: You can promote other marketing channels, products and services every day with calendars.
  10. Continual marketing: Include an order form or URL near the end of your calendar so customers can order a new calendar from you every year.

What are some other great reasons to engage in calendar marketing this year?

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