10 Great Gradient Tutorials for Photoshop

December 16, 2012

Photoshop makes it easy to apply gradients to your backgrounds, buttons and other design elements; however, many designers never go beyond the basics when it comes to Photoshop’s gradients. The fact is you can create amazing visuals by mastering Photoshop gradients.  The following 10 great gradient tutorials for Photoshop show you how.

1.  Feathering Gradients in Photoshop

This tutorial examines how you can use gradients for ultimate light and shadow effects. Light and Shadows – Feathering Gradients in Photoshop « Build Internet - Google _2012-12-14_12-19-32  

2.  Text Gradient Effects Tutorial

Learn how to apply basic text gradients using Photoshop, then experiment with what you’ve learned to create your own custom styles. Jazz up Text with Gradient Effects - Google Chrome_2012-12-14_12-20-54  

3.  Colorize Images with Gradients

Enhance your images with gradients by following this step-by-step Photoshop tutorial.  Try it out on the sample image, then apply your newfound knowledge to your own images. Colorizing Images With Gradients In Photoshop - Google Chrome_2012-12-14_12-22-01  

4.  Silhouettes and Gradients

Use gradients to enhance the impact of silhouettes, thereby bringing silhouetted scenes to life. Silhouettes and Gradients Photoshop Tutorials - Google Chrome_2012-12-14_12-23-12  

5.  Create an Underwater Scene with Gradients

You can use gradients to apply the sophisticated lights and shadows needed to design a convincing underwater scene.  This tutorial shows you how to do it in Photoshop. final.jpg (500×500) - Google Chrome_2012-12-14_12-24-17  

6.  Create a Transparent Gradient in Photoshop

Most established designers know how to apply this simple trick, but novices struggle to understand it.  If you don’t know how to apply transparent gradients, now’s the time to learn. How to Create a Transparent Gradient in Photoshop - Google Chrome_2012-12-14_12-25-29  

7.  Make a Steaming Cup of Coffee with Gradients

Learn how to use Photoshop’s gradients to apply a realistic steam effect to an illustrated coffee cup, which this tutorial also shows you how to design. Using Gradients to Make Light and Shadow – and a Coffee Cup! Psdtuts - Google_2012-12-14_12-27-00  

8.  Smooth Gradient Header

Give web headers a smooth, seamless, Web 2.0-styled header using Photoshop’s gradients. Smooth Gradient Header Photoshop Tutorial - Google Chrome_2012-12-14_12-28-14  

9.  Warm, Golden Sunsets with Gradients

Use Photoshop gradients to turn this: Warm Golden Sunsets With Gradient Maps - Photoshop Tutorial - Google Chrome_2012-12-14_12-29-20 into this: Warm Golden Sunsets With Gradient Maps - Photoshop Tutorial - Google Chrome_2012-12-14_12-29-26  

10.  Stylish Gradient Buttons in Photoshop

This tutorial shows you how to make elegant button gradients for both rectangle and round button shapes. Creating stylish Gradient Buttons - Google Chrome_2012-12-14_12-30-23

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