10 Things Graphic Designers Should Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving

November 24, 2013

Is graphic design the best job in the world? Many think so; at least, given that “beer taster” and “king of the world” are in short demand. Yet despite the perks of graphic design, frustrations with clients, employers, wages and competition can make the field a tough road to travel. Being a successful graphic designer is one thing; achieving great success as a graphic designer is another. Creatives tend to overthink everything, which is why so many are prone to bouts of quasi-depression (and, certainly, real depression); and as a graphic designer, second-guessing yourself is part of the job. It’s good to question whether your logo fits a certain brand image before you turn in your design, but it’s not healthy to continually question whether you’ve taken the right career path. When the going gets tough, it’s time to focus on the great things in your career and your life; thus, I present my list of 10 things graphic designers should be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

1.  Creative liberty

Few other fields allow you to express yourself through your work and take projects in the direction you want. The client might always be right (well, not really), but it’s still your work expressed your way.

2.  Career options

Graphic designers can work for design firms, ad agencies and non-design related companies that simply need designers on staff. Designers can also be freelancers, working from home or in their own offices; or, you can build your own design firm. Your career options are not limited.

3.  Affirmation

With some jobs, you simply do your work and go home. With graphic design, there’s always someone judging your work – and praising it. Being told you did a great job is a powerful reward for your creative mind, and something many other people do not always get.

4.  Few physical demands

I have nothing against industrial workers, but breaking my back to roof a house in 90-degree heat or risking my fingers to run a press never appealed to me. If you can work a computer, you can work in the field of design. Designers sit so much there’s a market for desks that let you stand and even run on the treadmill!

5.  Free education

You won’t get a prestigious design degree for free, but you can certainly take advantage of tons of free graphic design tutorials and online classes to sharpen your skills.

6.  Freebies

Templates, icons, brushes, fonts and more: The graphic design community is incredibly willing to share outstanding freebies you can use in your own design work.

7.  The design community

Speaking of the design community, you should be thankful for all the amazing designers you can bounce ideas off of, give and receive critiques, and generally find a sense of solidarity with.

8.  Cool clients

Another great perk of graphic design is the opportunity to occasionally meet some pretty cool clients and work on some amazing projects.

9.  Variety

Imagine doing the same thing for hours on end, day in and day out, for multiple decades. Pretty boring, right? But it’s what many people do. As a graphic designer, there’s always a new project with new goals and design themes to work on. Moreover, the world of design evolves rapidly, so you can always challenge yourself by learning new skills and techniques to apply in your design work.

10.  The ability to do what you love

Chances are, you’re a graphic designer because you love design. Few people get paid doing exactly what they love to do, but you do – and that makes your job feel a lot less like work and a lot more like play. What are you thankful for?  

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