10 Haunted Designs for Halloween Phrases

October 28, 2013

When Halloween comes around, spooky phrases abound. Some phrases, or popular sayings, have to do with Halloween itself; others are more general, yet embody spooky connotations that creep us out and are often recited around Halloween. I wanted to see how graphic designers represented some such phrases; thus, for your inspiration, I give you 10 haunted designs inspired by Halloween phrases.

1.  Zombie Crossing Road Sign by Ashley Bell

If you ever see this sign while driving down a deserted highway, my advice is to turn around posthaste. Road Signs on Behance - Google Chrome_2013-10-17_09-42-20-Optimized  

2.  Monsters on Parade: Halloween Parade by David Hartman

Either the trick or treaters have gone all out this year, or we’re all in trouble. HALLOWEEN PARADE by Hartman by sideshowmonkey on deviantART - Google Chrome_2013-10-17_09-44-20-Optimized  

3.  The Witching Hour by Gina-Marie

This is precisely why I don’t venture to places like this at midnight. It would make a cool poster design, though! The Witching Hour by Gina-Marie on deviantART - Google Chrome_2013-10-17_09-48-33-Optimized  

4.  The Witch Hunt by Emma Goetz

This design has a twist: the witch is a mouse; and the hunter is a cat. The Witch Hunt on Behance - Google Chrome_2013-10-17_09-50-37-Optimized  

5.  Skeletons in My Closet by Zombie-Pip

Ex-boyfriends, perhaps? Skeletons in my closet... by Zombie-Pip on deviantART - Google Chrome_2013-10-17_09-53-50-Optimized  

6.  Ghost Town by Vladimir Petkovic

I’ve never been to an Old West ghost town, but this is exactly how I imagine one would be. Ghost Town on Behance - Google Chrome_2013-10-17_10-00-02-Optimized  

7.  Blood-Curdling Screams by Chelsea-Martin

Imagine waking up to that! It reminds me of the banshee’s wail. blood curdling screams by chelsea-martin on deviantART - Google Chrome_2013-10-17_10-12-56-Optimized  

8.  Bat in the Belfry by satchmoeofdeath

This would make a cool poster or T-shirt print. Bat in the Belfry by satchmoeofdeath on deviantART - Google Chrome_2013-10-17_10-17-22-Optimized  

9.  Night Owl by Patrick Seymour

Compelling, creepy, cool. Night Owl on Behance - Google Chrome_2013-10-17_10-19-39-Optimized  

10.  MAMA Scared Stiff Contest Entry: Clown Closet by srdunko

I am absolutely certain this happened to me as a child. Clown Closet - MAMA Scared Stiff Contest Entry by srdunko on deviantART - Google_2013-10-17_10-21-07-Optimized What are your favorite spooky Halloween phrases? Do you have similar designs to share? Paste a link in the comments!

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