10 Hilarious Holiday and Christmas Designs

December 16, 2012

The holiday season is ripe with sentiment, but humor plays a large role in creating cherished memories that last a lifetime.  That’s why so many graphic designers have applied their talents to crafting funny Christmas cards and other artwork that makes the spirit of Christmas fun.  For your inspiration, check out the following 10 hilarious holiday and Christmas designs.  Which do you find funniest?  Let us know in the comments below!

1.  The Queench by Tom Scotcher

This hybrid mix between the Queen of England and the Grinch is one of my favorites.  It’s actually an animated “Christmas gif,” so be sure to click the link to see the transformation in action!

The Queench on Behance - Google Chrome_2012-12-12_12-13-32


2.  Merry Crisis and Happy New Fear by Celine Artigau

A blow dryer is the weapon of choice for this winter bunny, who wants the snowman – and woman – to hand over the carrots or else.

0a57ef8f20fcc6a006c31996f5d16585.jpg (600×580) - Google Chrome_2012-12-12_12-15-45


3.  Diving Santa Christmas Card by Jen Dickinson

After making his annual delivery run, Santa takes his clan to the Bahamas for a well-deserved vacation.  His favorite activity?  The high dive, much to Rudolph’s chagrin.  Look out below!

02fd103a6960382b3b8e89f718f80e27.jpg (600×353) - Google Chrome_2012-12-12_12-17-26


4.  Gillette Christmas Card by Jonna Mayer

This concept Christmas card shows how much shaving cream Santa would need if he were to shave his beard.  I wonder if Santa stuffs shaving cream in his own stocking?

1116191246350117.png (599×292) - Google Chrome_2012-12-12_12-19-21


5.  Santa Fail by Alexielart

Any fan of Fail Blog will appreciate this humorous take on Santa’s chimney entrance.  How does Santa fit down all those chimneys?  He doesn’t.

Santa fail by alexielart on deviantART - Google Chrome_2012-12-12_12-21-09


6.  Christmas Traditions by greyfin

We have snowmen, aliens have spacemen.  Both are fun to decorate!

christmas traditions 4 of 4 by greyfin on deviantART - Google Chrome_2012-12-12_12-22-19


7.  Bah Humbug by alteredteddybear

This is like being told you can’t have Christmas cookies when the jar is in plain view.  Bah, humbug!

Bah humbug by alteredteddybear on deviantART - Google Chrome_2012-12-12_12-23-31


8.  Santa Hates You Christmas Card by Heather Abbott

Imagine receiving this Christmas card in the mail!  Yes, yes, some of us already know this sorry fact.  Actually, when unfolded the card states “Santa has some favorites and one is you.”

Santa Hates You Funny Christmas Card Foldout by FINCHandHARE - Google Chrome_2012-12-12_12-24-53


9.  Santa Does Not Like Skanks Christmas Card by FunGirlsCards

So, which category do you fall under?

Funny Christmas Card Card For Friend Santa by FunGirlsCards - Google Chrome_2012-12-12_12-26-32

Funny Christmas Card Card For Friend Santa by FunGirlsCards - Google Chrome_2012-12-12_12-26-52


10.  Sack by SirTallGuy

Having defeated all the vampires, Blade turns his talents to a new cause.

Sack - Worth1000 Contests - Google Chrome_2012-12-12_12-28-34

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