30 Most Important Print Marketing Tools

October 13, 2013


Posters, like this one by PsPrint customer Pawtrero, are an important marketing tool.

If you run a small business, you know print marketing plays an integral role in your ability to attract customers. However, you probably also struggle with a budget. Even though every marketing investment should yield a return, there’s still risk involved so you want to make sure you make solid, profit-producing investments with your marketing. In short, you can only print so many things. So, what print marketing tools should you print? Print marketing tools carry different weights according to situations. For example, a business card is a staple marketing tool for business networking but would hardly be as effective as a vinyl banner for outdoor marketing. Moreover, different industries favor different print marketing tools: Have you ever gone into a doctor’s office and not seen a brochure for the latest and greatest prescription? Menus are critical for restaurant marketing, but few other businesses use them. Still, it’s fair to say that we can all form our own opinions of what the most important print marketing tools are. Here are my 30 most important print marketing tools, ranked by importance. Let me know if you agree or disagree in the comments!

  1. Business cards, because you should hand them to everyone you meet
  2. Mailing lists, because you need to know who your customers are, where they are and what they want
  3. Postcards, because they’re cheap and effective
  4. Brochures, because they can be handed to everyone
  5. Sales sheets, because they work to create desire
  6. Sales letters, because they’re highly effective
  7. Vinyl banners, because they reach the masses for cheap
  8. Newsletters, because they keep your brand in authority and top-of-mind
  9. Posters, because they’re big and bold
  10. Flyers, because they’re versatile
  11. Stickers, because they can be unique and affixed nearly anywhere
  12. Greeting and invitation cards, because they offer a personalized touch
  13. Booklets, because they provide detailed information and can be useful to customers
  14. Catalogs, because they encourage direct sales and can be highly targeted
  15. Magnets, because they’re useful and can market your company for years – even decades
  16. Calendars, because everyone uses them
  17. Door hangers, because they’re cheap and highly effective
  18. Table tents, because they’re impossible to miss
  19. Letterhead and envelopes, because they brand your company
  20. Hang tags, because they motivate impulse purchases
  21. Rack cards, because they’re actively sought by customers
  22. Notepads, because they’re appreciated, used, and noticed
  23. Pocket folders, because they lend an impressive image and can hold multiple marketing materials
  24. Menus, because they motivate impulse purchases
  25. Event tickets, because it’s easier to buy something tangible
  26. Bookmarks, because many customers are avid readers
  27. Bumper stickers, because they get ultimate highway exposure
  28. Response cards, because they allow you to collect more information and set appointments
  29. Canvas cloth backdrop banners, because they’re perfect for trade shows
  30. ID badges, because they let you make a statement at networking events
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