Why You Should Make 2015 a "Banner" Year

January 8, 2015

It’s a new year and you’ve resolved to grow your business through strategic marketing that commands attention and motivates your audience to make purchases – a great first step! Now, you have to determine what marketing materials give you the best chance to succeed. When you’re developing your marketing plan, don’t overlook the power of banner marketing – a strategy often underutilized by businesses. The following presents reasons why you should make 2015 a “banner” year.

Banners command attention

Outdoor or indoor, vinyl or canvas, adhesive or placed on posts, banners command attention just about anywhere. They’re extra large, so they stand out from the surrounding landscape. What’s more, a creative design that efficiently creates desire and delivers a memorable call to action can generate tons of customer traffic. Or, you can simply increase your brand prowess by making your name prominent through banner marketing.

Banners reach the masses

Targeting is great for pay-per-customer marketing tools such as postcards, but banners can reach hundreds or even thousands of potential customers in a single day for a single static price. They offer the ability to reach the masses with your marketing, thus expanding recognition of your brand, products, and services; at the same time, people who fit your best customer demographics are bound to be in the mix.

Banners are versatile

Banners can be placed practically anywhere: near busy intersections, in popular shopping districts, on buildings, windows, and walls, on posts and stakes, on lampposts, over doorways and on bridges, on fences and stages. Whether you want to reach audiences on the road, at sporting events and concerts, or even in your own retail location, banners can help you do it fast, easy, and cheap.

Banners are affordable

You only need one banner to reach hundreds of potential customers; print two or three banners and you can double or triple your reach without breaking the bank. A single 3-foot by 5-foot banner can be printed in full vivid, attention-getting color for less than $100 – which makes banner marketing an extremely affordable marketing tool any business would be remiss not to explore.

Banners are effective

Finally, banners meet the most important marketing objective: they attract customers. Banners are effective marketing tools because they generate so much exposure for your brand and promotions to both your target audience and new customers. Their versatility and affordability means they’re capable of yielding excellent ROI – the measure of marketing success. If you want to grow your business in 2015, don’t overlook banner marketing as a powerful way to expand your brand and motivate purchases. Reap the rewards of business growth by making 2015 a “banner” year!

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