5 Ways to Make Your Business Cards Useful

October 2, 2013


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Printing business cards is a must if you want to have a powerful business networking presence, but not all business cards are created equal. In fact, after networking events most business cards end up thrown in the trash. The secret to ensuring your business card doesn’t end up in “File 13” is to make it useful to your target audience. When your business cards are useful, your prospects will be far more likely to hold onto them, reference them and ultimately call you when they need what you sell. The following lists five ways you can make your business cards useful.

1.  Add relevant tips

What do your customers want to know? What advice can you give them that will help make their lives better or easier, or solve their problems? List relevant tips on the back of your business card, or include a helpful FAQ. A financial management firm might print the differences between common investments on the back of their business cards, for example. An auto body shop might print steps that should be taken after a fender bender. With a bit of brainstorming, you can turn your business card into a handy reference your customers will want to keep on-hand.

2.  Print uncoated business cards

Print uncoated business cards, which make it easy to write on with a ball point pen. Often, networking conversations spur you to come up with useful information and resource on the fly – information that is individualized, such as appointment dates, personal cell phone numbers or a specific reference. You wouldn’t normally include this information on your business card, but when you write it down for a prospect you’re not only individualizing the message, you’re making that prospect feel special since you’ve given them exclusive information.

3.  Include useful conversions and measurements

Many industries make use of formulas, conversion charts and measurements; you can print business cards that help your prospects make these calculations on-the-spot. A personal trainer could print business cards that feature a calorie burn formula, for example, or a cosmetics representative could print a chart that demonstrates which color of makeup to use with one’s individual skin tone.

4.  Add links to online resources

Include links to online resources your target audience will find useful. Even better, include a link (or QR code) that leads to a special page on your website that features said resources or a special report your prospects will want to read. Once you have them on your website, work to collect contact information or encourage follow-ups.

5.  Make it a coupon

Last but certainly not least, turn the back of your business card into a coupon or coupon code. Make it time-limited to motivate fast response. If your offer is good enough, qualified prospects will want to take advantage of it before your expiration date. How else can you make your business cards useful?

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