5 Marketing Tools You Can Distribute On Your Own

October 27, 2013

Door hangers are a great marketing tool that are easy to distribute yourself. Check out PsPrint's gallery of door hanger templates. Door hangers are a great marketing tool that are easy to distribute yourself. Check out PsPrint's gallery of door hanger templates.

Door hangers are a great marketing tool that are easy to distribute yourself. Check out PsPrint's gallery of door hanger templates.

Many small businesses struggle with the investment required to distribute marketing materials. Though they know every marketing effort should be considered an investment with an expected return, limited budgets mean they can’t risk the entire business by hinging it on the success of any given campaign. Marketing distribution is one of the biggest barriers to small business success. Sure, you can print postcards cheap, but you’ll still have to pay postage to deliver them to your target audience. Fortunately, several marketing tools can be distributed without postage costs. When you employ these marketing tools, you only need to invest a bit of your time to reach a potentially-enormous number of people. By taking a little time to distribute your own marketing materials, you can save money and increase your return on investment, helping to ensure your marketing campaign yields outstanding profits. Here are five marketing tools you can distribute on your own.

1.  Vinyl banners

Vinyl banners are incredibly efficient marketing tools. Print banners to place in high-traffic areas and at events where your target customer base frequents. The high-visibility of banners means you can reach thousands of potential customers every single day.

2.  Posters and flyers

Like banners, each individual poster and flyer you distribute can reach hundreds, if not thousands, of potential customers. Place your posters and flyers everywhere you can: on bulletin boards, walls, doors, windows and more – everywhere the populace is likely to see them.

3.  Stickers

Stickers can be placed in unusual and memorable places, such as ceilings, mirrors, walls, vending machines, floors, windows and more. Print stickers that work cleverly with their environment to give your brand a powerful edge.

4.  Door hangers

Door hanger marketing is the perfect way to pack the punch of a postcard with none of the postage fees. In fact, door hangers can be even more powerful since they’re placed directly on door knobs and not in mailboxes with the rest of the mail. You can distributed door hangers to selected neighborhoods that meet your target demographics, or you can recruit volunteers and reward them with a pizza or cocktail party afterwards.

5.  Calendars

There is an insurance company in my hometown that makes it a point to hand-deliver calendars to all their customers every single year. They’ve been doing it as long as I can remember, and for as long as I can remember their calendar is the one nearly every household uses. It’s a brilliant strategy that ensures their brand is noticed every single day of the  year. What other marketing tools can you distribute on your own?

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