A Powerful Way to Earn Response with Holiday Cards

December 6, 2015

Like this design? You can personalize it in our Design Gallery. Like this design? You can personalize it in our Design Gallery.

Like this design? You can personalize it in our Design Gallery.

Printing holiday cards to send to customers is a great way to foster ongoing relationships. Conventional wisdom says holiday cards should be used to wish customers happy holidays and express your gratitude, and should not be used to actively market your products and services. However, there is a difference between trying to disguise your advertisement as a holiday card and giving your customers a good reason to follow up after the holidays. All you need to do is put the customer first. How? By saving them money, a powerful way to earn response with holiday cards. The best strategy is to print custom holiday cards that represent your brand, then take a few moments to pen a personalized note for each individual customer. For some companies, that gives you a great opportunity to not only express your sentiments, but also to do your customer a service by saving them money. Insurance agents are perfect examples. An insurance agent could conduct account reviews for their top clients just before the holidays and identify opportunities to save them money on coverage. Here’s how the note might read:

Dear Jim, Here’s wishing you and Carol a happy holiday season! I’ll bet Sam and Jane are super excited! I want you to know it’s been my pleasure to serve you this past year. By the way, we recently took on a new company that specializes in boat insurance. I ran the numbers and we could save you $125 per year over what you’re paying now. Give me a ring after the holidays if you’d like to discuss! Happy Holidays! Tim

Note how this strategy differs from a marketing pitch: “Save up to 10% or more by switching to GEICO.” The key to making this work is to personalize the card and use real numbers, not a vague, blanket statement that could apply to anyone. This note is:

  • handwritten
  • reference’s the customer’s family
  • offers a real savings amount – the agent took the time to actually look up Jim’s account to find out what he could save on his boat
  • references two things Jim cares about: his boat, and saving money on the insurance he has to buy for it

Most importantly, it puts the customer first. The agent isn’t trying to get Jim in for a random review; he has identified a way Jim can save money – all Jim has to do is sign the papers. Moreover, the insurance agent – at least on the surface – doesn’t stand to immediately gain from it. He’s not asking Jim to spend money, he’s asking him to save money. Do you think Jim will give him a call? Probably. And you know what else Jim will probably do? He’ll probably:

  • remain a loyal customer
  • have the agent review his other insurance accounts
  • insure all future items with the agent
  • tell his friends, family members, and fellow boaters about how the agent saved him money – word-of-mouth advertising that can’t be beat!

Though it’s possible the agent could lose a few dollars by saving his customer money, he stands to gain much, much more in the long-term. All this by putting his customers first. Don’t believe the notion that you can’t use holiday cards to generate response. Consider how you can put your customers first – and this can work for any type of business – and you’ll not only earn response from your holiday cards, you’ll earn loyal long-term customers and invaluable word-of-mouth marketing. Design your own custom holiday cards with the PsPrint Design Library – it’s free.

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