How to Print a More Powerful Business Card

January 20, 2014

Try printing a square business card like this one designed by PsPrint customer Julissa Herrera for Anderson Trindade.

Try printing a square business card like this one designed by PsPrint customer Julissa Herrera for Anderson Trindade.

Business cards are your go-to networking and marketing tools, yet many professionals overlook their business cards as being anything more than simple conveyors of contact information. That approach is a mistake, as business cards present cheap opportunities to drastically differentiate yourself from your competitors and motivate customer follow-ups. If you want to land more leads this year, consider the following ways you can print a more powerful business card in 2014.

1.  Make it interactive

Mobile technology has made it easy to print interactive business cards that help motivate customers to take the next step in the purchasing process. You can use QR codes that lead to sales videos, your website, or even direct phones to call your sales line. Or, take advantage of augmented reality (AR) technology to give an on-the-spot presentation via business cards. Clever use of interactive technology allows you to print powerful business cards that create desire.

2.  Big photos

One of my biggest pet peeves about many business cards is the standard “mugshot” photo. Mugshots convey little personality and do very little otherwise to promote the idea that you’re the best person to do business with. Instead, incorporate large business card photos that depict you in action: at work, with clients, or in a powerful pose that invites customers to trust your expertise.

3.  Incentives

Incorporate incentives into your business cards to promote follow-up phone calls. Coupons, coupon codes, discounts, and other incentives can be prominently printed on either the front or back of your business cards. Branding purists might scoff at this idea; however, savvy marketers know that generating response requires you to create desire and offering customers follow-up incentives is a powerful way to do so.

4.  Unique shapes and finish

Trade in your standard business card shape and size for square, jumbo square or slim business cards, all of which will help command attention for you and your brand. You can also print die-cut business cards that are exclusively unique to your company.  Print on high-quality paper stocks, but consider your finish: gloss and matte business cards have been focal trends in recent years, so an uncoated business card might help set your company apart.

5.  Added value

Add value to your business cards by making them useful to your target customer base. Think about what information they want to have at their fingertips. It could be a list of useful numbers, a handy conversion chart or even a local sports team schedule. Adding value increases the chances your business cards will be retained and used multiple times, thus increasing brand exposure and making your business cards far more powerful than your competitors’. What other ways can you print more powerful business cards?

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