30 Reasons 2014 Will Be Your Best Business Year Ever

January 5, 2014

bestbusinessyear Is your small business ready for 2014?  I sure hope so, because 2014 is set to be your best business year ever. Here’s why.

1.  Marketing is easier than ever

Sure, there’s a ton of competition; but good marketing travels fast these days. A well-timed video could propel your business into the future.

2.  Social media

Customers want to know you; it’s free and easy to let them.

3.  Print marketing is cheap

Technologies such as short run digital printing lets anyone compete with the big boys.

4.  Knowledge is everywhere

You don’t need an MBA to grow into a Fortune 500 company; education opportunities are everywhere – many free, others well worth the investment.

5.  Help is only a question away

Want business advice? There are plenty of resources for getting business advice and even free business mentoring (via SCORE) online.

6.  Advertising gets cheaper

Ten years ago, a small handful of companies controlled print and digital advertising, and they catered to the big boys. Now, a plethora of ad services specialize in small businesses.

7.  Good employees are easier to find

Your core workers don’t even have to work out of your office, so you’re free to tap an entire globe of talent.

8.  Funding is easier to get

Special small business and crowd funding platforms, as well as more accessible venture capital and angel investments, mean it’s easier than ever to get funding for your great idea – as long as it is, indeed, great.

9.  Partnerships bolster business

More and more small businesses are amenable to forming mutually rewarding partnerships, given their success in the online arena.

10.  Mobile is just starting

Get on board now to be a mobile marketing stalwart for years.

11. Technology continues to evolve at breakneck pace

There is no such thing as big companies getting a leg up; they are not the early adapters anymore. Small businesses are.

12.  Measuring campaigns is simpler

You can eliminate guesswork with automated campaign tracking and monitoring solutions.

13.  Financial management is likewise easy

Forget Quickbooks; you can take advantage of a slew of software suites that make accounting and bookkeeping easier and faster than ever.

14.  Productivity is through the roof

You don’t need software to bolster productivity, but it can help – especially when you’re managing a team.

15.  Delegation is in

Outsource non-essential tasks and free up time to make more money.

16.  Good PR is easy to come by

Do something unique, creative, or charitable, and you can get your small business featured in influential publications with minimal effort due to press release distribution services and fast access to editors and journalists.

17.  Content is STILL king

You don’t need a team of influencers to compete; all you really need is a well-written blog, dedication and a bit of patience.

18.  Customers love authenticity

Ditto for video production: all you need is a decent smartphone to launch a viral video campaign.

19.  You’re big business

Small business is big business for many B2B companies, who go out of their way to make sure you receive the dedicated service you need. They know if they don’t, their competitors will.

20.  Your competitors are old-school

Despite the ever-evolving business world, many of your competitors are still playing by yesterday’s rules. It’s time to leapfrog them.

21.  Planning is easier than ever

Small business planning tools are a dime a dozen, but absolutely critical. Create your goals and track them for a successful 2014 year in business.

22.  Your ideas aren’t stupid

And it’s easy to find people who will agree, support, and financially back them.

23.  Failure is not an option

With so many small business resources at your fingertips, the only way to fail is by not giving it your all.

24.  Global opportunities

Now, more than ever, you have opportunities to sell your products and services globally – vastly increasing your customer base.

25.  Nearly free digital presence

You can launch a website, build mobile apps, and even cross-promote your products and services for next to nothing.

26.  Guerrilla is in

Customers love creative guerrilla marketing – and it’s typically cheap to do.

27.  Tons of sponsorship opportunities

More and more organizations are holding fundraising and for-profit events, each with sponsorship opportunities (many of them cheap) designed to reach your target audience.

28.  A new age of politics

As a new generation enters politics, new ideas – especially those that favor small and micro-businesses as well as sole entrepreneurs – are likely to take hold in the political realm.

29.  Passive income opportunities

Nearly every company can identify passive income opportunities: ebooks, online courses, shirts and apparel, and more.

30.  The world is ready for you

Are you ready for it? Yes, you are. Determine – right now – that 2014 is the year of YOU, and you will take the critical first step toward small business success.

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Brian Morris serves in various capacities as a freelance writer, content developer and public relations specialist for growing small businesses. When he’s not writing, he can be found on the racquetball court - usually getting his tail kicked by guys 20 years older.

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