5 Ways Table Tents Can Boost Christmas Sales

December 17, 2012

Christmas represents the biggest retail sales season of the year for many businesses, and as such every effort is made to make sure targeted customers are reached with sound marketing practices. However, many companies overlook table tent printing as a viable and profitable Christmas marketing tool. The belief might be that table tents only work for restaurants, or that their businesses can’t make money from table tent marketing. The fact is that table tents are an opportunity for you to reach your target customer base in a way your competitors aren’t, thereby giving you an edge when it comes to Christmas profits. The following lists five ways any company can use table tents to boost Christmas sales – and how to get restaurants to agree to set out your table tents.

1.  Location-based marketing

If your retail location is close to a popular restaurant, you can print table tents that feature your Christmas specials, a coupon and a map from the restaurant to your store. Or, have customers bring their restaurant receipt in to act as your coupon.

2.  Engage with AR and QR

Customers need something to do while they wait for their food to arrive, and no matter how great the conversation most restaurant patrons notice table tents. You can use an augmented reality app or QR code to engage your customers by showcasing products, entertaining with interactive in-restaurant AR, or a QR code that takes customers right to your shopping cart so they can make immediate purchases right at the table; thus saving precious time during their holiday shopping spree.

3.  Restaurant cross-promotion

One of the most effective ways to profit from Christmas table tents is to hold a cross-promotion with the restaurant itself.  You might give a coupon to anyone who likes the restaurant’s Facebook page, for example, or host an event in which your deals can be ordered with deep discounts right from the table, but only when in that restaurant. Such a promotion would allow you to split your table tent printing investment with the restaurant, since you both will profit.

4.  Hold a contest

A fun trivia quiz, contest or game app that can be loaded from a code on your table tent can engage customers and motivate sales. If you can get the restaurant involved, even better. For example, you could print table tents that offer a free discount or product to anyone who can handle the restaurant’s famous hot sauce.

5.  Branding

Simple branding efforts can convince customers you offer the best product for them or gift for their loved ones. Select a restaurant that has a similar history, tradition, or values; then use table tents to print your stories and draw correlations. An elegant restaurant might be the perfect avenue for table tents that promote a fashion clothing store, while a hip burger joint could be a great place to promote an MP3 player brand.

How to get your table tents in restaurants

This all sounds great, but how do you get restaurants to agree to put out your table tents?  Just like with any other sales pitch, you need to point out the benefits of doing so.  Answer: What’s in it for them?  Here are a few ways you can convince restaurants to help you market your business in their establishments:

  • Free table tents:  Offer to print a restaurant promotion on one side, and yours on the other, then pay for the table tent printing.
  • Cross-promote: Work in a benefit to the restaurant, such as Facebook likes and free PR and marketing via press release distribution and advertising for big sales. Or, offer to promote the restaurant at your own establishment.
  • Rent space: If all else fails, money talks.  Offer to pay the restaurant a fee for “renting” the table tent space.

In most cases, simply talking to the restaurant owner or manager will allow you to work out a mutually beneficial deal.  Make sure you pick restaurants that share your target customer base, and your table tents can help you boost Christmas sales this year.

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