10 Fantastic Thanksgiving Design Tutorials

November 8, 2012

From illustrations to photo manipulations to font effects, the following 10 tutorials will have you crafting incredible Thanksgiving designs with Photoshop!

1.  Thanksgiving Greeting Card Photoshop Tutorial

Use Photoshop to design an elegant Thanksgiving greeting card, complete with falling leaves, a cornucopia and glowing script. Thanksgiving Card « Photoshop Lessons and Tutorials - Google Chrome_2012-10-31_13-35-32  

2.  Happy Thanksgiving Photoshop Text

Turn an autumn photo into a cool “Happy Thanksgiving” greeting card or web banner with this Photoshop tutorial that demonstrates text transparencies. 1811110727-3.jpg (705×300) - Google Chrome_2012-10-31_13-35-52  

3.  Steaming Roasted Turkey Photoshop Illustration Tutorial

Add some heat to a roasted Thanksgiving turkey with this Photoshop tutorial, which walks you through the process of blending rising steam over food images and adding action to your artwork. Photoshop Roasted Thanksgiving turkey illustration. - Google Chrome_2012-10-31_13-36-01  

4.  Indian Sunset Scenery Photoshop Tutorial

This neat tutorial demonstrates how to use Photoshop to add photo effects for a nostalgic early Native American scene, much like the Pilgrims might have witnessed when they landed on Plymouth Rock. The result is a beautiful image that almost looks painted. How To Create A Beautiful Indian Sunset Scenery - Photoshop Tutorial - Pxleyes.c_2012-10-30_12-34-14  

5.  Thanksgiving Turkey Photoshop/Wacom Tutorial

Illustrate a fun Thanksgiving turkey for your brochures, flyers, posters, catalogs, and websites with this Photoshop tutorial that also incorporates the use of a Wacom tablet. Paint A Clever Turkey for Thanksgiving Day - Google Chrome_2012-10-31_13-36-12  

6.  Steamy Chili Pepper Photoshop Tutorial

Chili peppers are Thanksgiving staples for some, and this tutorial shows you how to illustrate a hot chili pepper using only Photoshop. This illustration would make a great addition to a menu or table tent. Celebrating Thanksgiving, Painting the Harvest of Chili Pepper - Google Chrome_2012-10-31_13-36-29  

7.  Warm Thanksgiving Text Photoshop Tutorial

This YouTube Photoshop tutorial walks you through the process of creating a warm Thanksgiving font, perfect for headlines on posters, flyers, door hangers, catalogs, calendars and other marketing materials. Tutcove Create Warm Thanksgiving Text in Photoshop - YouTube - Google Chrome_2012-10-31_13-36-38  

8.  Thanksgiving Pumpkin Photoshop Tutorial

Pumpkins aren’t just for Halloween, and this Photoshop tutorial shows you how to make a bright and fun pumpkin illustration for Thanksgiving. The Kurtz Corner Photoshop Tutorial - How to Make a Pumpkin - Google Chrome_2012-10-31_13-36-45  

9.  Thanksgiving Abstract

This tutorial demonstrates how Photoshop can turn a photo into an abstract background featuring Thanksgiving-related colors. Photoshop Tutorial Autumn Abstracts - Google Chrome_2012-10-31_13-37-01  

10.  Colors of Autumn Blending Tutorial

If you have a photo that would make the perfect Thanksgiving scene, save for green-colored leaves, you can give them colorful autumn hues by incorporating the advanced techniques demonstrated in this Photoshop tutorial. Colors Of Autumn - Photoshop Blending Tutorial - Google Chrome_2012-10-31_13-37-13

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