One Thing You're Forgetting To Include In Your Pocket Folders

March 21, 2013

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Pocket folders help you bundle your important identity kit documents in a single package, so you can present potential customers and media members with in-depth information about your products, services and brand.  The most popular pocket folder items include business cards, introductory copy on company letterhead, flyers, stickers, brochures, and CDs or DVDs.  But unless you’re promoting a band, chances are you don’t include posters in your pocket folder arsenal.  That’s a shame, because a strategically developed poster might be the single most powerful piece in your identity kit.  Here’s why you should consider adding a poster to your pocket folders.

Posters differentiate your company

Posters are big, bold and unexpected.  Thus, they help differentiate your company from your competitors.  When you include a poster in your pocket folder, you exude confidence – and that confidence can foster trust in your company.  When customers trust you, they’re happy to buy from you.

Posters add value

You can print a poster that features a product or service, but doing so will be a waste of valuable marketing real estate.  Instead, print posters that add value for your target customer base.  An HTML5 cheat sheet for developers, a “rules of user-friendly design” poster for designers, or an annual calendar with marked sales dates for other customers all add value.  When your posters have value, they are far more likely to be prominently displayed – and your company is far more likely to profit from poster printing.

Posters have brand power

Great posters – those that add value – are prominently displayed; which means your posters can help promote your brand not only to your pocket folder recipients, but to everyone they do business with as well.  Moreover, posters have a long “shelf life.”  A single poster might be displayed for an entire year or more, thus exposing your brand to hundreds of potential customers.

Posters are cheap to print

Posters are inexpensive marketing investments, especially if you look for deals.  PsPrint, for example, often discounts posters my as much as 60 percent.  That means you can print 1,000 posters for about 22 cents each, or $220.  If you’re already making the investment to pack your pocket folders with compelling marketing materials, posters represent a minimal-investment add-on that can yield maximum results. Do you include posters in your pocket folders?  Let me know in the comments!

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