5 Tips for Calendars That Customers Love

November 23, 2012

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Calendar printing is one of the best ways you can market your company brand, products and services today. It’s targeted, because you can control who receives your calendars. It adds value, so your customers will actually use it on a daily basis. And printing calendars is economical – do the math, and you’ll see that a single calendar printing lets you put your message in front of hundreds of potential customers, 365 days per year, for less than a penny per customer per day. The key to a great calendar lies in its lovability: how much customers want to put your calendar on display. When customers love your calendar, they will use it and you’ll have a powerful marketing tool that lends solidarity with your customer base, spawns long-term loyalty and brand recognition, and motivates direct sales. Incorporate the following five tips for calendars customers love, and your calendar marketing campaign will prove a success this year.

1.  Relevant content

Calendars that feature content that is relevant to your customer base stand the best chance of being used. This is the single most important factor for printing calendars that double as powerful marketing tools (assuming you know how to distribute them to your target customer base). Use photos, illustrations, tips and facts that appeal to your customer base. It’s even better when you can ascribe that same relevancy to your business. For example, a company that caters to saltwater fish aquarium enthusiasts might print a calendar featuring beautiful aquariums or fish species.

2.  Room to write

Calendars are used for planning and scheduling, so make sure your calendar features date grids that leave plenty of white space for writing. Moreover, your calendars should be printed on paper stocks that can easily be written on. Make your calendars pretty and useful, and your customers will love them.

3.  Deals

So many businesses miss the boat on this one, it makes me wonder how they get anything right at all. Calendars are used 365 days per year, but how many calendars have you seen that include special daily, weekly or monthly promotions? Load yours with great deals, employ coupon codes and track your return on investment. Your customers will appreciate the added value.

4.  Longer coverage

Print 18-month calendars instead of 12-month calendars so customers can get more use from them. The added benefit is that you have the ability to distribute your calendars earlier than your competitors, ensuring your calendars are hung on customer walls first.

5.  Interactivity

Calendars today are perfect interactive tools that can engage your customers and motivate immediate sales. Employ QR codes and augmented reality technology to give your customers product demonstrations, brand philosophies, videos, coupons and shopping carts viewable through their mobile phones. Technology can make printed calendars more useful, more fun, and ultimately more successful.

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January 07, 2016 03:22 am #

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January 07, 2016 03:22 am #

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