10 Tips for Flyers That Generate Response

February 25, 2014

Club card flyer design by PsPrint customer Buck Down for Edwardian Ball

Club card flyer design by PsPrint customer Buck Down for Edwardian Ball

Flyer printing is an economical and effective way to market your products and services to a large number of people, but simply printing flyers won’t get you the response necessary to boost your business. You need to print flyers that motivate customers to take the next step in the purchasing process. Here are 10 tips for flyers that generate response.

1.  Big headline

Whether you’re distributing your flyers on  counter tops, walls or telephone poles, a big, bold headline will help it stand out. This is especially important because the first time many potential customers see your flyer will be from a distance, so you need an intriguing headline that’s easy to read at a glance in order to draw them closer to get more information.

2.  Special time-limited offer

A special offer that has real value to potential customers is one of the most powerful ways to generate response. Give your offer a deadline to motivate faster response and to help thwart forgetfulness.

3.  Large images

Like your headline, your images will help draw potential customers in. The bigger the better, because you want customers to notice your images from a distance. Large images also show more product details and have a more modern appeal, which can translate into greater confidence in your company.

4.  Focus on benefits

Take every opportunity to tell potential customers how your product or service specifically benefits them – how it will solve their problems or otherwise make their lives better. Understand the difference between features and benefits, and infuse benefits into bullet points, your images, your call to action and your headline.

5.  Powerful call to action

Tell customers exactly what they need to do next to take advantage of your special offer. Reiterate the deadline and key benefits to motivate quick response.

6.  Testimonials

Include testimonials or case study results from real, verifiable customers. Third-party validation lends trust in your company and helps other potential customers identify your solution as being perfect for their situation.

7.  Bold, clean design

Your flyer design should command attention with a bold, yet clean, layout. Incorporate plenty of white space and keep text short. Use subheads to promote key benefits and limit body text to promote fast reading.

8.  Perforated die-cut tear-offs

Perforated die-cut tear-offs are tabs on your flyer that potential customers can take with them. They’re clever tools that help customers remember your contact information – and to respond to your flyer offer in the first place. One trick: tear two or three off before you place your flyers. Even though you’re losing those tabs, you also give the appearance that others are interested in your offer, which will in turn motivate potential customers to take a closer look.

9.  Quality printing

Quality printing not only gives you a more vibrant presentation, it helps your flyers withstand sun bleaching and other weather conditions. You want your flyers to last, not weather overnight. Seek a premium flyer printer that offers steep discounts to improve your return on investment.

10.  Targeted distribution

Resist the urge to distribute your flyers everywhere. Instead, short list areas your target customer base is known to frequent, the plaster your flyers everywhere they’ll see them. How can you print flyers that generate response?

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