30 Unique Potato Chip Package Designs

March 13, 2013

March 14 is National Potato Chip Day, celebrating a snack food that brings in more than $16 billion annually in the U.S. market.  The potato chip has an interesting history dating back to the mid-1800s.  One story of origin states that the potato chip was first created in 1853 by George Crum in New York, who made ultra-thin and heavily salted fried potato slices as a joke for a customer who complained that his restaurant’s fries were too thick.  Others place the origin of the potato chip earlier, as recipes for potato chips seem to be present in cookbooks published during the 1820s.  No matter where potato chips came from, it is certain they’ve been embraced as a favorite snack food available in hundreds of different styles and flavors; and we celebrate National Potato Chip Day by showcasing the following 30 potato chip package designs.

1.  Skinns

Skinns Lovely Package - Google Chrome_2013-03-11_12-21-40


2.  Santini Hand Cut Chips

Santini Hand Cut Chips Lovely Package - Google Chrome_2013-03-11_12-22-41


3.  Maxon the Sailor

Packaging of the World Creative Package Design Archive and Gallery Maxon The S_2013-03-11_12-23-30


4.  Boulder Canyon

Boulder Canyon rocks compostable snack bag Greener Package - Google Chrome_2013-03-11_12-24-24


5.  Bops

BOPS Lovely Package - Google Chrome_2013-03-11_12-25-01


6.  Carazonas Potato Chips

Google Image Result for httpecx.images-amazon.comimagesI51%252BzrFneXYL._S_2013-03-11_12-25-41


7.  Deep River Snacks

Google Image Result for httpwww.statesidemangoods.comimagesproductsCracked_2013-03-11_12-27-01


8.  Olive Coast

Google Image Result for http3.bp.blogspot.com-25Rsgrd75WIT7gNfm6Le4IAAAAAA_2013-03-11_12-27-44


9.  Covered Bridge Lobster Potato Chips

Snacktastrophe! Chip Flavors From Hell So Good - Google Chrome_2013-03-11_12-29-26


10.  Pantone Concept Potato Chips

Pantone Potato Chips - The Dieline - - Google Chrome_2013-03-11_12-30-48


11.  Hot Spot Chips

Hotspot Chips on Behance - Google Chrome_2013-03-11_12-31-36


12.  John and John Potato Crisps

John & John Potato Crisps - The Dieline - - Google Chrome_2013-03-11_12-32-12


13.  REAL Potato Crisps

Snacktastrophe! Chip Flavors From Hell So Good - Google Chrome_2013-03-11_12-33-02


14.  Burts Chips

Burts Chips - The Dieline - - Google Chrome_2013-03-11_12-33-46


15.  Maui Style Potato Chips



16.  Maarud Chips

Google Image Result for httpmydesigncentral.files.wordpress.com201301gaard_2013-03-11_12-35-16


17.  Dean and Deluca

Dean & DeLuca - The Dieline - - Google Chrome_2013-03-11_12-36-02


18.  Blair’s Death Rain



19.  Terra Crinkles



20.  Hairy Bikers

Hairy Bikers - The Dieline - - Google Chrome_2013-03-11_12-38-15


21.  Tyyrell’s



22.  Darling Spuds

Darling Spuds - The Dieline - - Google Chrome_2013-03-11_12-39-53


23.  Tasto

Google Image Result for httprolandbutcher.comimagespackagingtasto-potato-c_2013-03-11_12-40-35


24.  Jay’s Chips Concept



25.  Miiller-Horn Chocolate-Covered Potato Chips



26.  Ethnic Kettle



27.  Less Is More Potato Chip Packaging Concept

Less is More Potato Chip Package on Behance - Google Chrome_2013-03-11_12-47-33


28.  Lay’s Potato Chips Redesign Package Concept



29.  Zweifel Potato Chips



30.  Dirty Chips


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