30 Ways to Get Your Small Business in the Christmas Spirit

December 5, 2013

Invite employees and their families to your company holiday using one of PsPrint's easy-to-personalize invitation design templates like the one above. Invite employees and their families to your company holiday using one of PsPrint's easy-to-personalize invitation design templates like the one above.

Invite employees and their families to your company holiday using one of PsPrint's easy-to-personalize invitation design templates like the one above.

For all its messages of spreading joy, goodwill and cheer, Christmas can be one of the most stressful times of the year for many small business. The holidays can be incredibly profitable, provided you can compete with immense competition, and the health of your business could be riding on this year’s Christmas marketing campaign and subsequent sales. Employees take time off for the holidays, slowing productivity. And the end-of-year books need to be closed (and taxes paid), adding to the mounting anxiety of the holiday season. Everyone says to get in the Christmas spirit, and it’s tempting to reply with a spiteful “bah, humbug!” Despite holiday stresses, your small business can indeed get into the Christmas spirit. It starts with you, of course, whose responsibility it is to spread Christmas cheer to your employees. When you do that, your staff members will be happier. They’ll find their jobs more meaningful. And they’ll in turn spread the spirit of Christmas with your customers – ultimately enhancing your public image and boosting holiday sales. The trick to getting your small business in the Christmas spirit is to avoid focusing solely on profits. That’s what your sales and marketing efforts are for. Once those are set for the holiday season, it’s time to encourage of culture of good tidings among your employees. Here are 30 ways to get your small business in the Christmas spirit.

  1. Hold a Secret Santa gift exchange
  2. Host an employee Christmas party
  3. Sponsor a charity drive
  4. Offer a charity drive contest reward for your employees
  5. Treat your employees to a holiday lunch
  6. Designate employees to decorate your office and storefront
  7. Give employees a gift of their choice: paid days off, extra cash, movie tickets, dinner gift certificates, etc.
  8. Hold an employee Christmas costume or sweater contest
  9. Randomly give a gift to customers
  10. Take your staff members Christmas caroling
  11. Take employees out for Christmas light sightseeing in a party bus one night
  12. Encourage employees to share their favorite Christmas stories
  13. Ask Santa to take Christmas wish requests at your location on a given day; give local children a treat bag to take home
  14. Hang mistletoe – in every office doorway
  15. Put a bell on the front door
  16. Offer to match Salvation Army donations received at your storefront
  17. Host a holiday talent contest
  18. Play favorite Christmas movies during work hours
  19. Tune in to an all-Christmas song radio station during the holiday season
  20. Place hot chocolate and eggnog next to the coffee machine
  21. Invite employee's’ children to read classic Christmas stories and poems during lunch hour
  22. Put up a Christmas tree in your lobby
  23. Have employees help handwrite Christmas cards to send to your customers
  24. Invite employees to join you in volunteering at a local Christmas charity; reward them with a day off for doing so
  25. Place stockings with your employees’ names on them in a prominent place; beat them to the office and fill them with goodies one morning
  26. Go on an office charity shopping spree
  27. Encourage employees to bring in their children’s Christmas crafts to put on display
  28. Run a Christmas trivia game during office hours
  29. You can also run a Christmas trivia game with your customers
  30. Hold a Facebook Christmas photo contest for your customers; your employees pick the best photo

How do you get your small business in the Christmas spirit?

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