What is G7 Certification – And Why is it Important?

December 3, 2016

Sarah is a graphic designer who has just designed a corporate identity kit for one of her best clients. They’re thrilled with the design work, so she sends it to her printing company – only to find that the colors on the printed letterheadbrochures, and color business cards do not match the colors on her screen or her in-house proof. What’s worse, the printing company used a satellite facility to print the pocket folders – and those colors don’t match the rest of the identity kit. Sarah is mortified: the package is not cohesive and doesn’t match the company’s brand colors, and she knows her client will be disappointed to say the least.

Does Sarah’s story sound familiar? All too often great designs are ruined by poor printing practices. However, G7 standardization is changing the printing landscape and making it possible for designers to ensure color matching from screen to press. All you need to do is work with a G7 Qualified Master Printer like PsPrint.


What is G7 Certification?

G7 Qualified Master Printers have undergone a rigorous process of calibrating presses according to standards that ensure colors match throughout the entire design and printing process. When you work with G7 Master Printers, you can be assured that the colors you see on your screen will be accurately reproduced on the printing press – no matter what press or facility they’re printed at.

That means you get predictable, accurate results with every single piece you print!

Why is G7 Certification important?

Color plays a critical role in design, branding, and marketing. Without a standardized process, you never know whether the colors on your screen will be accurately reproduced in print. But with G7 printing, there is no guesswork – your colors will perfectly match the intent of your design, allowing you to craft beautiful, high-quality work that looks amazing and keeps your clients happy.

The great thing about G7 Certification is that it doesn’t matter what press or facility you print at. As long as the printer is a G7 Master, your colors will be printed accurately. A wide range of common printing types are supported, including:

  • Sheetfed
  • Heatset web
  • Flexo
  • Gravure
  • Plastic
  • Digital
  • And more

In addition, both GRACoL and SWOP 2006 (#3 and #5) are supported. For all the technical details, you can check out Idealliance.

How to match colors with G7 printers

It’s easy to set your system up to take advantage of G7’s benefits. The following steps represent best practices so your colors match from screen to proof to final print production; however, not all designers take every step (for example, you might just calibrate your screen but not your in-house printer).

  1. Adjust your application working space (Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.) to a G7 specification such as GRACoL 7 or SWOP 2006
  2. Calibrate your monitor
  3. Calibrate your in-house proof printers to the same specifications as your application working space (you can find a list of supported printers on the GRACoL website)
  4. Print your designs with a G7 Qualified Master Printer like PsPrint

Download this PDF for additional information about G7 and in-depth instructions for calibrating your applications and in-house printers.

If you want to produce better-quality work and avoid costly color-matching mistakes, you need to work with a G7 Qualified Master Printer; it’s the mark of industry-leading color quality and consistency. Get started now!

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