Which Business Card Paper Best Matches Your Brand?

July 20, 2016

You probably know how important your business card design is to accurately representing (and promoting) your brand image. Everything from your logo and colors to your layout and font choice plays a role in your branding. But have you considered what your business card paper stock says about your brand?

In this age of cheap online business card printing, it’s easy to overlook the importance of paper stock. That’s why many printers offer thin, flimsy business card paper stocks at bargain basement prices. Though low price points are attractive to small businesses, printing inferior business cards comes at a steep price: it cheapens your overall brand image.

Research has shown your choice of paper stock has a direct influence on how your brand is perceived. Inferior paper stocks do little to inspire confidence in your brand, and can do more damage to your image than they’re worth. High-quality paper stocks, on the other hand, instill a sense of trust in your brand and motivate customers to buy.

standard business cards

Remember that business card printing, like all marketing initiatives, is an investment that carries an expectation of return. Investing a little more for premium paper can be the difference between a business card that gets heaped on the trash pile and a business card that’s saved for a follow-up call. To that end, you need to answer the question: which business card paper best matches your brand?

Here are a few options:

16-point C2S gloss cover

What it is: An ultra-thick business card paper stock featuring a glossy finish on both sides.

Perfect for: Modern, cutting-edge brands.

15-point velvet with soft touch coating

What it is: A premium paper stock treated with a super-smooth finish.

Perfect for: Sophisticated, luxury brands.

15-point velvet cover

What it is: A heavy paper stock with a velvety-smooth, semi-matte finish.

Perfect for: High-end, classic brands.

14-point C2S gloss cover

What it is: A high-quality paper stock with a glossy finish on both sides.

Perfect for: All-purpose use; just about any brand can use it.

14-point C1S gloss cover

What it is: The same as C2S, but featuring one glossy side and one uncoated side.

Perfect for: Functional brands that often need to write on the back (think appointment cards).

13-point matte cover

What it is: A premium paper stock featuring a soft matte finish.

Perfect for: Sophisticated, luxury brands.

13-point 100 percent recycled matte cover

What it is: A matte paper stock made from 100 percent post-consumer waste.

Perfect for: Environmentally-conscious brands that want to promote an eco-friendly image.

100-lb. brilliant white linen

What it is: Textured linen paper featuring a crisp, bright look.

Perfect for: Brands that want to promote a clean, classic image.

100-lb. natural white linen

What it is: Smooth linen paper featuring a soft, creamy look.

Perfect for: Sophisticated, high-end brands that want a clean, classic image.

Ultra business card stock

What it is: A triple-layered paper stock featuring a band of edge color.

Perfect for: Bold, strong brands built on tradition or featuring game-changing, cutting-edge solutions.

ultra business cards

Of course, these are purely suggestions: the best business card stock for your brand might be one that challenges the norm in your industry. A cutting-edge tech company, for example, might avoid glossy stock if that’s all the competition uses; while a longstanding company built on tradition might seek to redefine its brand with a sleek, modern, glossy paper stock.

What’s important is that you take time to consider how your business card paper stock impacts your brand image and the impression it makes on your prospects. Often, much attention is dedicated to business card design while paper stock is ignored. Devote as much consideration to your business card paper stock as you do your business card design – and how they work together – and you can print amazing color business cards that help you make a powerful impression.

The best part? You don’t have to break the bank to print premium business cards that match your brand image. Get high-quality business card printing at discount prices today!

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