Why You Should Print Multiple Business Card Designs

June 23, 2013

Online customizable template for a double-sided hair stylist business card - Goo_2013-06-10_09-25-03Online customizable template for a double-sided hair stylist business card - Goo_2013-06-10_09-23-18 Your business card is your go-to marketing tool. It’s what you hand out to every potential customer and referral source, which is why it’s so important to develop a business card design that doesn’t simply give contact information, but also motivates action. The great thing about business cards is they’re incredibly cheap to print, which means you can hand business cards to every single person you meet and leave stacks of them in areas your target customers are likely to find them. Given that business cards are expected and cheap, I wonder why so many professionals only print one. To maximize response, you should print multiple business card designs. The reason is simple: you encounter many different types of people in many different types of situations. Having different business cards to distribute according to a given situation will help you generate more follow-ups. For example, let’s say you represent a company that develops social apps. Your flagship application is intended for general public use, but you also want to encourage developers to adopt your API in their own spin-off applications. When you attend a trade show, you’ll run into both app users and app developers; thus, you can print business cards that caters to each group. One might list features and benefits of using the app and include a call to action to sign up for free. The other business card could list the benefits of developing with your API and offer instructions for getting developer access. By targeting your different business cards, you’ll earn greater response from both camps. Another great example is the coupon business card. I find myself in many networking situations in which it would be great to hand out a business card with a coupon printed on the back. However, I don’t want to give the coupon to everyone – just those clients I would consider “VIP.” Thus, I print two versions of my business card, one with the coupon and one without. It would be even better if I printed event-specific business cards with time-limited offers: “20% OFF for Grand Lake Networkers Only – good through July 4, 2014.” In addition, if you sell a product or service that’s marketed differently to different genders, you might print one business card to be given to men and another to be given to women, each targeted to the benefits most relevant to each gender. These aren’t the only scenarios in which having multiple, highly targeted business cards can help you generate greater response rates. Others include:

  • conferences, seminars and other events
  • festivals
  • private and public organization meet-ups
  • time-limited offers
  • customer types: genders, age, product preferences, response mechanism preferences
  • holidays and seasons
  • current events promotion tie-ins

Of course, you can’t print different business card variations for every single foreseeable circumstance; however, you can pick two or three scenarios in which you’re likely to get the most use of your business cards, and print highly targeted business cards for each. The high-level of targeting, combined with cheap business card printing, will generate greater desire, lead to more follow-ups, and ultimately maximize your business card return on investment.

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