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30 Black Friday Marketing Ideas

Pull huge Black Friday profits for your small business with these 30 killer Black Friday marketing ideas, strategies, and tips.

10 Best Novel Cover Designs Ever

Celebrate National Novel Writing Month this November with this list of the best novel cover designs ever.

30 Designs for World Peace

November 17 is World Peace Day, so let’s celebrate and hope with these 30 awesome designs for World Peace. Each features a creative concept related to peace.

10 Killer Black Friday Flyers

Gain design inspiration for Black Friday flyers that help companies boost profits for the day after Thanksgiving sales with print marketing.

Black Friday Marketing Checklist 2012

Learn what marketing tools you should use to maximize your Black Friday profits for the holiday sales season, even if you’re on a limited budget.

30 Magnificent Autumn Designs

Autumn is often regarded as the most beautiful of our four seasons, and for good reason:  bright colors abound as trees prepare for winter dormancy, …

10 Perfect Palettes for Thanksgiving Design

Seeking a super color scheme for your Thanksgiving brochures, posters, flyers, catalogs and other marketing materials?  The following palettes, culled from ColourLovers, are perfect …

5 Reasons to Start Your Christmas Marketing Today

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Many small business retailers wait until the last minute to begin planning their holiday marketing campaigns, but doing so puts you at a distinct disadvantage …

3 Tips for Printing Calendars That Boost Sales

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Calendar printing is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to small businesses. Calendars have value because your customers use them every single day. …

10 Fantastic Thanksgiving Design Tutorials

From illustrations to photo manipulations to font effects, the following 10 tutorials will have you crafting incredible Thanksgiving designs with Photoshop!

Holiday Marketing Checklist

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If you want to maximize your profits during the holiday season, you have to launch a  robust marketing campaign across several different channels.  Remember that …

10 Designs That Show Why the United States Rocks

Even in tough economic times, the United States remains the world’s only superpower. For all the negative  news about America, there are thousands of things …