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Thanksgiving Marketing Promotions

Most people don’t think of Thanksgiving as a consumer-holiday in the same way as Christmas. There’s just something more relaxed and comfortable about Thanksgiving, where the focus is on food and family and not on finding the perfect gift.

For this reason, Thanksgiving presents small businesses with a largely untapped marketing opportunity.

How to Write a Marketing Q&A

Q: How can a Q&A (question and answer) or FAQ (frequently asked questions) section help market graphic design or copywriting services?

A: A Q&A or FAQ section on a printed brochure, flyer, mailing, website or any other marketing promotion, can help land potential clients by providing detailed answers to allay any fears, doubts and concerns about hiring a designer or writer.

Invitations On A Budget

Party invitations are the host’s first chance to make a good and lasting impression. Invitations can set the tone and expectation for an event, weeks in advance.

If you are looking for invitations that have an impact, and don’t break the bank, try some of these cost-saving tips for invitation design and printing.

Creative Holiday Cards

It’s that time of year again, when you walk into the local supermarket or department store and find that the Thanksgiving and Christmas and Channukah displays are all set up. In some stores, even the Valentine’s day items are out on the shelves!

While you might say it’s too soon for Valentine’s Day, its not too soon to start planning a holiday greeting card project. In fact, now is the perfect time to design and print holiday cards!

Four Business Invitation Ideas

Mailing out formal invitations is a great way to promote business events such as workshops, seminars, conferences or fundraisers. Printed invitations can communicate the level …

Branding For Small Businesses

It may seem like branding is only of concern to those behemoth companies like Pepsi or Nike, who can afford to focus on the hazy concept of ‘the brand,’ which falls somewhere between marketing and advertising.

But you don’t need millions in revenue to amp up your business’ brand. In fact, with a little bit of reflection and creativity, even freelancers and small business owners and can craft successful branding initiatives.

Networking for Freelancers

As a freelancer, it can sometimes feel like you are all alone, slaving away in your home office with little connection to the real world. …

Choose Stock Images Like A Pro

Have you ever arrived at a party and noticed immediately that someone else was wearing the exact same thing as you! Yes, that other person …

3 Copywriting Elements that Work

With every format, from envelopes to brochures and letters, there are three copywriting elements — teasers, headlines and postscripts — that always seem to …

Humor in Marketing

There’s a fine line when it comes to using humorous copy and images in marketing. Sometimes a funny promotion can work wonders and other times, …

3 Poster Design Tips

Posters are big, bold and beautiful. When given to clients or prospective customers as a promotion, posters can really help your business stand out.

The …

A Local Mailing

If you own or operate a small business, sending out direct-marketing mailings targeted and tailored to local residents is a great technique to reach potential …

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