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Market Your Expertise

Article Marketing is a great way to promote yourself as an expert online and help forge connections with potential clients.

Here’s how article marketing works. First you write a few articles in an area of expertise. For example, you could write about topics in graphic design, copywriting, marketing, art direction or business development.

Testing Direct-Marketing Copy and Graphic Design

One of the only true ways to find out if something in your direct-marketing promotions works or doesn’t work is to test it.

Like an …

How to Write A Creative Brief for Your Graphic Design Project

Putting together a strong creative brief for graphic design projects and any other project going through print production, will help keep expectations and deadlines clear.

A creative brief is a blueprint for the work ahead, which lets everyone involved know the who, what where, when and whys of the project. The document will work best if the client and creative work together. If the client already has an RFP (request for proposal) drawn up for this project or a related endeavor, creative can draw ideas and information for the creative brief, from that document as well.

Seeding A Distribution List

One of the most important elements in any marketing effort is delivery and turn-around time. Even if you’re using a vendor to send out your mail or e-mail message, there’s no need to rely on that second party to report how and when your marketing message hits.

Free Gift Ideas

Free gifts are a great way to build a positive relationship between a business or brand and its customer. Publishing, non profit, pharmaceutical and even high-tech all use give away items as a part of the sales pitch.

Find Home Office Inspiration

Working from home as a graphic designer or copywriter can be a great way to find balance between your work and personal life. While there are no commutes, cubicles or pesky co-workers to deal with, the self-employed do face a unique set of challenges.

Tips for Using Landing Pages With Direct Mail

A landing page is a Web page with content dedicated to a specific campaign, sales offer, product or service. Marketers try to get prospects to visit a landing page in order to capture more information about the prospects or to convince them to sign up for a service or purchase a product.

What to Do After You Mail

It’s a great feeling when your printer or fulfillment center calls to let you know that your promotion is ‘hot off the presses,’ and entering the mail stream.

To make your mailing a true success, be sure that these four items are on your to-do list.

Why Mail, Flyers and Door Hangers Still Work in the Internet Age

n today’s world of online marketing, printed promotions may seem out of date, but they still work- sometimes even better than e-mail.

The e-mail inbox is over-saturated. Between personal and business messages, subscriber newsletters and of course- SPAM, there are hundreds of messages to sort through.

Weighing Your Paper Options

Paper is one of the most important aspects to any printing job. Working with a great printer is the first step to ensuring you get the right paper product for your project.

How to Make Your Mailings and Flyers Stand Out

When you go out to the mailbox and grab the mail, you know how sometimes one envelope or flyer will jut out of the pile and refuse to hide behind the other mail?

That unruly piece of mail was probably sent by a group of savvy marketers who realize how important it is to stand out from the clutter.

7 Questions to Ask Clients When Designing a New Mailing

In direct mail marketing it’s usually a good idea to stick with what works and test new ideas to only a segment of your mailing list before rolling those ideas out full-force.

Yet there are times when a business wants to wipe the slate clean and start fresh with a completely new mailing. Perhaps they have a new product that requires a brand new promotional piece or last year’s effort tanked miserably.

Whatever the reason, if you are brought on to design or write a completely new mailing, here are some important questions to ask your client:

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