10 Ambient Marketing Campaigns for Design Inspiration

When you design a poster, a mailing or business collateral for a client, do you think about where it’s going to appear or the space in which the end-user will view or interact with the design?

Ambient marketing is a discipline in which the ad environment or medium (shopping bag, billboard, bus wrap, bus stop) shapes the creative. This makes ambient design more playful and interactive than traditional advertising.

Ambient ads generally appear in public spaces and interrupt consumers as they go about their daily routines. The creative is often memorable, keeping the product top-of-mind for consumers. Below is a round-up of 10 ambient marketing campaigns. These campaigns should inspire graphic designers to create more playful and interactive designs.

This Wheaties shopping bag is hilarious and effective. [Image source.]

Publicis designed this ambient campaign in Frankfurt, Germany, to advertise freshness bags. [Image source.]

An ambient campaign for Jeep designed by Done by Bates Y&R in Copenhagen, Denmark. [Image source.]

This is a very memorable vision: a theater full of M&M chairs! [Image source.]

A Red Cross bag designed by Lem agency in Shanghai, China, makes it look like the carrier is giving blood. [Image source.]

This ambient McDonald’s breakfast ad really gets the point across that the McMuffins are MASSIVE. Designed by DDB New Zealand. [Image via www.copyranter.com.]

A great ambient campaign for a gym in Italy designed by Leo Burnett, Italy. [Image source.]

Kung Fu Panda kicks through the glass at the bus shelter in this clever poster design. [Image source.]

This World Wildlife Federation ambient ad shows how much carbon dioxide people would save if they drove one less day. [Image source.]

The Mr. Clean logo cleverly graces a white stripe in a German crosswalk. [Image source.]

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