10 Vector Electronic Tutorials

Illustration isn’t just for children’s books anymore. Companies in almost every industry are in need of artists that can design realistic product mock ups for presentations, consumers and other various uses. Not only that, but social media and other platforms are using these types of images as a way for members to customize their individual site pages. So if you’re looking to boost your design skill set, take a look at these 10 vector tutorials on drawing some of today’s most popular electronics.

designfreebies.org – iphone

vectorials.com – Macbook

tutorial9.net – Zune

vector.tutsplus.com – Piano

vector.tutsplus.com – Speaker

vector.tutsplus.com – iMac

psd.tutsplus.com – headphones

psd.tutsplus.com – Blackberry

webdesignerdepot.com – Camera

hv-designs.co-uk – LCD Monitor