6 Unique Self Promotions for Designers

When it comes to self promotions, there’s no need for designer’s to play it safe. The graphic design self promotion has become its own kooky genre where you can run wild with those ideas that might not fly for client work.

Here’s a roundup of some fantastic self-promotion ideas that really showcase the designer’s personality and creativity.  For even more great ideas, get your hands on a copy of the “Big Book of Self Promotion.

Image via www.manystuff.org.

At the 2008 The London Design Festival, which features design work from students, these young men wore sandwich boards advertising their rates. The theme of the exhibit was to explore the ways students find work after graduating.  [image via www.manystuff.org]

Image via www.hellomilo.co.uk.

Image via www.hellomilo.co.uk.

Freelancer Jonathan Davies created this clever folded calendar as a self promotion for his design work. I love the type on the front describing all of the different seasons. [images via Davies' website Helo Milo www.hellomilo.co.uk]

Image via www.lookinglistening.com.

A funny self promotion for looking + listening, a graphic design, website and and online marketing company. The photo is great, the copy is short and sweet, and placed in just the right spot. It all works well together. [image via www.lookinglistening.com]

Another very funny self promotion. This one is for Christine Case, designer and illustrator. This and some of her other self promotions are featured in AIGA’s member gallery.

Image via www.emersontaymor.com.

Graphic designer Emerson Taymor uses a custom die cut of his body to make his business cards exceptionally interesting. Check out this and some of Taymor’s other self-branding ideas on his website, www.emersontaymor.com.

Image via Behance.net

Adding new meaning to the cliche “It’s in my blood,” designer Michael Nagy put his CV on a bag of fake blood and photographed it for a self promotion. This very creative idea was featured on Behance.net. Try searching Behance.net for “self promotion” to see more ideas.

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